LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - Review

Author: Stefano "Stef" Castelli
Date: 2020-07-30 23:59:57
After having repeatedly dealt with the super-heroes competing in the DC Comics world, the famous LEGO bricks collide with the other super-heroic universe par excellence: the Marvel world. This means X-Men, Spider-Man, Hulk, the Avengers, DeadPool and dozens of other super-heroes and their nemesis. The developers of Traveller's Tales, who for ten years now have been busy "bricking" licenses of all kinds, from Indiana Jones to Harry Potter, take advantage of this to pack their most massive game ever. I got to try it thoroughly in the version directed to Xbox One and, thanks to my previous experiences with a good 50% of the LEGO videogames, I am ready to share my experience with you.

In particular, the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes reviewed here was born at a particular moment in the career of Traveller's Tales: that is, when the development team has now accumulated a dozen similar games on its shoulders based on the most famous bricks in the universe and shortly after having made the bones in free-roaming with LEGO City Undercover (developed by the "sister" TT Fusion for Wii U) are in the condition of combining these two experiences in a single video game. Thus was born a game that combines the classic structure of the levels of the LEGO games (linear, with an uncontrollable view) with the possibility of wandering freely for a vast city full of things to do. A formula already partially explored in LEGO The Lord of the Rings and especially in LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, the closest relative of the game reviewed here, and not only in terms of theme and setting.

In the game we will have to deal with a mega-conspiracy orchestrated by practically all the villains of the Marvel universe, intent on collecting mysterious bricks with special powers - in practice the LEGO variant of Tesseract - to dominate the world. To stop them we will impersonate different super-heroes from the most famous Marvel series that I mentioned at the beginning of the article. Indeed, to be more precise I would say that we impersonate pairs of heroes, since each level of the game sees initially two heroes engaged: we start with the close-knit team formed by Iron-Man and Hulk, we move on to a mission that involves Captain America and Mr. Incredibie and then move on to Black Widow and Hawkeye. As is now the tradition of LEGO games, the two characters cooperate on the screen: when playing alone one of the two is controlled (with moderate efficiency) from the console and at any time we can press the Y button on the joypad to gain control of the other hero.

Obviously, each character has his or her own skills that closely reflect those we are used to knowing. Iron-Man flies and launches full-fledged missiles, Captain America makes extensive use of his shield. Spider-Man has cobwebs and a sense of spider and Hulk ... well, obviously Hulk smashes. All the characters at our disposal can run and jump around the levels, as well as use at least one type of attack to eliminate enemies. Any special functions specific to certain heroes increase the options and modes of movement: there are those who flutter, those who swing with cobwebs and grappling hooks, those who disappear and much more. The creativity with which the various powers have been implemented in the game is masterful and gives LEGO Marvel Super Heroes a simply mammoth variety.

However, tackling the first three missions can provide a wrong idea of the game: these are three large levels structured in a rather linear way, with no possibility of exploration, assimilable as a structure to what was seen in the past in LEGO Indiana Jones or in the first LEGO Batman. Once completed, you notice that the game progress counter remains around 5% of the total and you discover the true nature of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: free-roaming. The player is in fact left free to wander around New York, selecting at will the pair of heroes to impersonate among all those previously unlocked, including enemies. A wide play area opens up in front of the player, to be explored and full of possibilities. We can go around looking for side quests, search for secret bonuses and unlock other characters who are hiding around. In addition, by spending the bricks obtained in the missions we will be able to unlock additional characters - whose total exceeds one hundred and twenty units - and even different versions of those already in our possession, such as different armor for Iron-Man.