Mass Effect 3: Special Edition - Recensione

Author: Francesco "Checco" Destri
Date: 2020-03-03 01:47:10
After his beautiful millionaires of copies sold (we are over four), the absurd quarrels of the extended finale, the tide of DLC and the very first places in the rankings of the best titles of the year, Mass Effect 3 also lands on Wii U and does it on day one, to the delight of those who hope for a new, more hardcore and less casual path from Nintendo. For the occasion, Electronic Arts wanted to add the abbreviation Special Edition to the original title, even if there are not many additions, or at least not such as to fully justify the "special" nature of this conversion. In fact, in the Wii U package we find the first DLC (From Ashes), the extended finale and the free additions for multiplayer (Rebellion Pack and Resurgence Pack), but the other paid DLCs with exclusive weapons and especially Leviathan and Omega are missing, that is, the two most full-bodied downloadable content that can really add something to the experience on its own.

On the graphic side, the conversion proved to live up to expectations.

It is true that the game itself, including multiplayer, already offers a very satisfying package in terms of longevity and completeness, but this Special Edition must clash with two factors of competition that should not be underestimated. First of all, the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 versions of Mass Effect 3 are now at very affordable prices and, even if you buy all the DLC separately, you still save compared to this conversion for Wii U, also having many more things (only Omega ensures at least another 5/6 hours of play).

Just in these days comes Mass Effect Trilogy, which at the same price of this Special Edition offers three whole games, two of which we will never see on Wii U. There is in fact also the "past" factor to consider. Those who have never played the two previous chapters of the trilogy have no way of recovering them on Wii U and must therefore settle for the interactive comic to discover the past of Shepard, the origins of the conflict between humans and Reapers and the various surrounding characters. Certainly not the best way to get passionate about one of the most epic and fascinating video games ever.

Although he has a 55 '' plasma and a projector, Francesco Destri spent most of his time with Mass Effect 3: Special Edition playing on the GamePad around the house. Walls, distances and rare disconnections aside, it was a really new and refreshing experience.