Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - recenzja gry

Date: 2008-06-13 11:00:00
The review was based on the PS3 version.

An unusual phenomenon is a work in which the creator tries to sum up himself. MGS4 is just that. Hideo Kojima for over 20 years has been creating adventures of Solid Snake, while playing with us in a way that is basically unheard of throughout pop culture. Guesses, surprises, encouragements, understatements - this nice narrower operated the narrator. Few people can weave such a dense web in this industry that just a single screenshot from the game is in the eyes of users both a valuable hint as to the content and a hated spoiler. Is he bored? Probably not, but as he says in interviews - he has become more sympathetic with age. And that's maybe why longtime fans of the series now have a product in their hands that will finally dispel all doubts.

The outline of the plot has been widely known for months: a few years after the events of MGS2, the body-living Liquid Ocelot already controls an army comparable in size to the American one. Snake receives from Colonel Campbell his last mission - to kill his brother and thereby eliminate the threat of nuclear war. And roughly this is how it looks in practice, but every Hideo lover knows that it will not be so straightforward. No matter how much you reveal, let's just add two assumptions that are the basis of the world presented here. War has become a business, and private military groups are at the heart of the global economy. In addition, every battlefield in the world is controlled by global information networks, monitoring the condition of soldiers and supervising their access to weapons. And, as you might guess, the System's strings go deeper than it seems.

Snake got old. Not because of the passage of time, but because of a certain medical anomaly. It is not known if this is the effect of FOXDIE virus or a defect in the cloning process. The hero only knows that he has not much life left. The view of one of the biggest tough guys of video games reduced to the figure of an old man with a mustache is quite shocking in itself, but what we see in the game itself can be depressing. Snake is gradually retarding, he is more and more often catching shortness of breath, coughing, falling over every second acrobatics, and sounds like an unwashed drunkard tuberculosis. Never before in the history of the series have we dealt with such a ... hacked climate. The player knows that Snake is heading towards imminent death - and doubts whether the hero is losing strength and has any chance of winning. The specter of failure is more real than ever.

An interesting procedure on the part of Hideo is the lack of introduction of any new characters relevant to the story. Although there are third-plan members of the Rat Patrol squad or members of the Beauty and the Beast special squad, here what is most important is played on the old chessboard. And here you can have a slight accusation to the creator that a bit too many aces from his sleeve fell out as the trailers were released. Returns of well-known and liked heroes are beautiful, characteristic for the SYM, but hardly anyone really surprises us. However, this rightly indicates an attempt to settle accounts with previous games. The multitude of references, flavors and explanations is satisfactory, and at the same time skilfully overcome.

Who is this game for? The story can easily be grasped without any knowledge of the series, but frequent references to past events may intimidate some players. It will also be difficult for a layman to feel the dramaturgy or humor of some moments. A quite drastic example is (there will be no spoiler) the way in which we learn the truth about patriots. For a fan of the series it will be one big "aaahaaaa!", And for everyone else - a simple "mhm". In general, the whole story was developed as a huge gift for those who have been faithful to the series for years. But this does not mean fortunately that the others have nothing to look for here. They will just find a little less.

When you write about MGS, the game somehow always goes to the background. This dictates the structure of the game in which - as always - watching movies prevails over pressing buttons. As rightly pointed out Shuck, it makes no sense to use the term "cut-scene" in the context of this game, because we have "cut-gameplay" sooner. Yes, there are evident debts and not entirely needed threads. Sometimes, in the middle of the 10-minute death scene, you want the hero to finally kick the calendar and stop boring. Most often, however, criticism about the length of the interludes goes from people who just don't feel this climate - just like clinging to an unrealistic plot, which is already absurd to the square. Oh, by the way: movies can be paused!

Let's get to the game-games. The basics are clear: we've got TPP shooter. There is hiding behind the curtains, there is a camera over the shoulder, there is FPP mode for aiming and so on. It seems that violent solutions are more welcome here than in previous parts, but contrary to appearances, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. The game requires a little less patience. We have a great range of technological gadgets and weapon types at our disposal, but remember that Snake is not Sam Fisher. The mechanics of sneaking and escaping have remained essentially unchanged, and the artificial intelligence of the opponents is, as always, a little negative. However, the surroundings have changed: most of the main gameplay areas in MGS4 are battlefields on which both sides do not really have anything to do with Snake - which does not mean that they will not open fire on him at the first opportunity. However, the turmoil of war is conducive to remaining unnoticed, and the impression of "life" on the other side of the TV is a little bigger thanks to it.

Snake has a camouflage suit that automatically adjusts to the color of the surroundings. This simplifies the system known from Snake Eater, although we can manually change the type of mask (easter eggi, rather than practical things) and the color of the hero's vest. The necessity to eat completely was abandoned, the stamina bar was replaced by a mental health meter. However, its function is similar: the lower it goes down, the slower your health will recover. It is worth noting that the iconic "food rations" (Rations) are returning to their original application, which is just supplementing life.

The weapon management system is changing significantly. Snake was always left by his employers on ice and only had what he had found on the battlefield. This time a merchant named Drebin is at our service. We can use his store at any time during the game - this is one of the options in the menu that appears after pressing Start. The currency we pay for weapons and items (there are also gadgets for tuning weapons) are so-called Drebin Points. We collect them for picking up the guns dropped by defeated opponents. All this has a rational justification: in this world, each gun is personalized so that it only works in the hands of a soldier with the appropriate identifier; Drebin makes money by removing such security and selling weapons to the left.

In MGS, bosses have always played a very big role - usually part of some special unit: Cobra, FOXHOUND, Dead Cell, whatever you want. This time, they are the mentioned Beauty and the Beast, i.e. girls who experienced war, who moved a bit. Each battle is different and refined in its own way, and basically each deserves to be remembered. Tired of cut-scenes depicting bosses before and after the fight. They are all almost the same, and contain too many screams, roars, growls and moaning.

The MGS4 technical layer is a masterpiece: graphics and animation are beautiful. You could cling to petty sterility or the seemingly empty feeling - but you shouldn't. Character models were perfectly created, among which the beautiful Naomi, modeled on Monika Belucci, comes to the fore. Wrinkled, bitter Snake arouses both respect and compassion - his creation in this part is epoch-making in his own way. The voice actors are also great; noteworthy is even the voice of Ocelot, who speaks with the "British" accent Liquida Or mature, completely stripped of Raiden's feelings. Heh. In general, these videos, these dialogues, these scenes. Something beautiful.

This is how the story of Solid Snake ends. He goes away with the pump in his most perfect adventure in every respect. And maybe the ending doesn't squeeze the tears in such an invasive way as Snake Eater's last bars did, but maybe it's good. It's safe to say that Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best exclusive on PS3 - but the competition is so weak that such a title only diminishes it. In an often quoted statement, Kojima stated that he is not Georg Lucas and does not plan the plot of his games ahead. Do you know what? He pinned it all better than George did the New Trilogy. Do you need to say more?

Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz