Minecraft - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 17:27:22
Minecraft has become, on its own merits, a phenomenon for the past five years. It has conquered almost all game systems since its launch, and now it is the turn of PS4 and Xbox One, the new generation systems. Even without changing the original proposal of the Mojang title, we find the new virtual sandbox house, since now more than ever, the limit is set by our imagination.

Creating your first house with mud and stones is still great, building a moated castle, gigantic dining room, and underground rail system is even better. That sense of creative progression , coupled with the inherent danger of exploring monster-filled caverns, make Minecraft exciting, rewarding, intense, and most of all, one of the most creative experiences in the video game world.

Minecraft's randomly generated worlds are made up of large cubes of mud, stone, sand, and dozens of materials. They are blocks full of color, unique and different from each other thanks to their simple but charming textures. What makes them special, however, is not that, but how they allow us to express our creativity . Piece by piece we will reorder and redefine the pristine game world, turning it into something more in line with our personality and desires. It could be a mountain house, a big tree house, a skyscraper or any other vision that has a place in our minds. It is a range of possibilities that we rarely see in a video game , although this freedom was intimidating at first.

In Survival mode , each block must be collected by hand from the open world. What at first seems like a repetitive and tedious task, becomes the foundation of the Minecraft game system. I had to pick up, transport and place each part of my house myself, so it was difficult not to feel proud as well as the owner of this and all my subsequent creations, big or small.


The answer to this question was discovered later, when my ambition to build and build exceeded the resources available to me. From then on my new mission was to search for new materials that led me to go deeper into the earth. Down there I discovered that those enemies so easy to kill on the surface, were not so much in this new scenario, where the narrow underground corridors were more than favorable to their ambushes. The danger I was exposed to also grew with every step in the opposite direction from my base.

Losing everything I was carrying because of a Creeper who caught me off guard is a hard lesson, but the excitement of exploring new locations and the risk involved brings just the right amount of tension. Also, collecting new blocks and objects triggered my imagination with more ideas to make better use of the terrain and to decorate my home in a much cuter way.

Goals don't change much when you bring your friends to the party, but whether it's cooperating or competing to create something bigger and prettier than the other, it makes Minecraft much more satisfying. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of Minecraft allow up to four split-screen players , and there are online options that accommodate up to eight users at a time . Enjoying worlds created by other players is an easy task, thanks to a simple and accessible lobby system.

Unlike the sometimes limited versions of PS3 and 360, the added power of the new generation allows you to handle even bigger worlds. Thirty-six times bigger , in fact, so there's more than enough room to spread out and build, even with eight players in the game.

Learn to craft

If you thought Minecraft was just about stacking blocks, the tutorial will make that perception disappear at a stroke. This quick and simple introduction perfectly explains the bases to accumulate build and create, with different stops in the tutorial world teaching us how to enchant objects, create potions, start a garden, fix an electrical circuit, ride a boat, create golems ... . And much more. There are a great many things out there to do.

The many objects and systems that Minecraft uses are so many that it complicates the task of listing them all, but there are some that stand out above the rest. By killing things and collecting certain materials, you will gain experience orbs that can be spent on enchantments. It makes mining and fighting go faster and more fun. The same could be said for potions, which heal you, resist fire, etc ... There are lightweight RPG elements that add some depth to Minecraft without having to stun us with stat screens and skill trees on screen.


Under the hood of Minecraft construction adventures we find one more game mode, Creative mode . Basically all the tricks are activated here and we are allowed to play freely, eliminating the damage of the monsters, allowing us to fly and giving us all the resources we need to build what we want. Without having to fight or search for the blocks, the creations are thus somewhat hollow, lacking in soul. Still despite this, the constructions here are as fun as discovering an infinite supply of LEGOs, having to pull your imagination to create incredible projects that no one else has dared to create. Unlimited possibilities.