MLB 13: The Show - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 18:17:28
MLB 13: The Show arrives to alleviate the drought of baseball games that plagues our country. A misunderstood sport that today we can play exclusively on PS3 and PS VIta from the hand of the San Diego studio of Sony itself. It's time to dust off the bat and glove to finally play a game worth paying for admission.

We live in an era in which it is a pleasure to talk about any sport, since it is practically always synonymous with the fact that one of our athletes has achieved success. Although soccer is the one that dominates practically all the spaces in the news and in the social gatherings of the bar, we must always take advantage of the joys that we receive from other sports with less media impact, such as basketball, tennis or handball .

As we do not like to be excessively hoarders, there are sports modalities whose presence in our lands is practically non-existent. One of them is baseball , whose purely Yankee philosophy does not quite materialize far from the American borders. Mass sport in countries like the United States or Cuba, on the peninsula very few people know the rules of this popular sport on the other side of the pond. But beware, the other day I discovered on television that we had a Spanish baseball team . And that Venezuela was also winning the match. At this rate we will also soon be the kings with the bat.

Sony brings to our territory for both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita its annual portion of Home-Runs with MLB 13: The Show . It is a saga developed by his studio based in San Diego, with enough experience in the sports field because they are responsible for the Sports Champions for PlayStation Move . Or the hilarious ModNation Racers.

Obviously, this is a title focused on baseball's most staunch fans. It is a very complete game, but if you do not know all the nooks and cranks that this sport keeps you will be a bit lost, especially due to the absence of a tutorial that explains what the main guidelines to follow are. Of course, the game meets the always demanding objective of minimally entertaining anyone when it comes to playing a couple of games.

One of the greatest successes of which the title boasts is the purely television approach that is given to the meetings, which gives the set the necessary spectacularity that is brilliantly complemented by the gameplay. The plans to the players accompanied by their data or the recreation of the stadiums thanks to the MLB license are small details that are always pleasing to the eye. As a counterpoint we can criticize the poor level of detail of the spectators, whose aspect gives the feeling of coming from two generations ago and contrasts with the good work in the design of the players themselves.

Go for the homerun and the MLB score 13: The Show.