Modern Combat 5: Blackout - Análisis

Author: Ricardo Fernández
Date: 2020-03-02 21:24:05
We already have between us and exclusively Modern Combat 5: Blackout, one of the best shooters for mobile devices by Gameloft. It is a spectacular game that leaves its predecessor Zero Hour “with the job”. And this time the gala company has wanted to exploit the hardware in which the title runs to offer a video game that could leave in diapers to anyone released on laptops and even goes beyond. The video game goes on sale tomorrow on Android and iOS systems at a low price.

The Modern Combat 5 proposal leads us to manage Caydan Phoenix, a former member of the US Marine Corps in its fight against the World Liberation Army, which is terrorizing the entire world. At first he is sent to Venice as a member of special forces sent by Gilman Security. During the adventure we will have the invaluable help at all times of Sophie "Roux" Daviau, her commander. This will give clear instructions to our protagonist who will also serve as a tutorial for the game.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is divided into five chapters that cover locations such as Venice, Tokyo or San Marcos . Each of them, except the first, has four small phases of about 10 minutes maximum duration that will serve as Campaign mode in this Gameloft shooter. A very interesting option is that the video game only downloads the first and second chapter from the beginning so that we can later select which chapter we want to download, thus saving space on our mobile device. In addition to this Campaign mode, the complete online multiplayer mode or the events that Gameloft will soon perform in the game could not be missed either.

In each mission we are given the opportunity to earn stars by completing the different requirements they propose. There are always 3 and they range from eliminating certain adversaries, rescuing hostages or even shooting cowardly enemies fleeing our bullets. These stars also apply to Special Operations, a game mode for a player in which, as a general rule, we are urged not to leave any enemy standing in one of the previously visited scenarios. Within the Campaign mode we can also see certain specific missions for multiplayer where, once again, we are proposed to meet certain objectives. However on this occasion Gameloft has decided that the missions have a short duration to keep the player somewhat less tense than usual and enjoy even more the action that accompanies the game. As a decision it is not all bad but it is striking that some of these only last just five minutes with simple route scenarios.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout has on this occasion four new classes of characters to choose between Soldier, Tracker, Sniper and Gunner. The first two will be available for use from practically the first minute while the remaining ones will have to raise the level of our character to unlock them. Each one has its characteristics. For example, the Tracker will reveal to the members of his platoon the position of the enemies while the Gunner will be nourished by powerful weapons and will have the characteristic of being able to heal himself. As in its predecessor, the weapons will be unlocked over time according to certain requirements and will be fully customizable. The drones will once again have their particular role as they have added a couple more to the offer we knew.

If there is one thing to highlight and it has made us fall in love with IGN Spain, it is the impressive multiplayer mode that Modern Combat 5: Blackout treasures among its bytes. Once again Gameloft has put all the meat on the grill and offers us an incredible online experience loaded with content that will increase the duration of the game to infinity and beyond. All against All, Vip, Battle of Squads, Capture the Flag or Team Battle will be the modalities that this small video game includes but great in fun.

The most interesting (although already known) is undoubtedly the VIP mode, a game mode that forces us to protect our VIP member from the opponent while we try to bite the ground to the opposite. In Battle of Platoons we will need to join a Platoon (Clan) to play with them and fight against other clans. To communicate with our friends, Platoon or other users it is possible to use the new chat that also works instantaneously and which in turn allows us to add to our list of friends those present as well as send private. In short, 3-on-3 battles that work smoothly, without any lag (at least tried so far), fast and that do not detract from the game's performance at any time.

The graphic improvements are evident and exploit the possibilities of the different mobile devices to the fullest . In fact and as we have already said, the video game is surely the second most powerful fps right now in laptops behind PS Vita's Killzone Mercenary. In the analysis we have used an iPhone 5S and the truth is that the game has not petardeado in any single moment and we can assure you that there are scenes in which it would not have been surprising that their frames fell below normal. For example at the beginning of the game there is a chase of the most interesting where we see a very detailed water, great stages, explosions and several types of enemies, all at the same time. We do know that the Modern Combat 5: Blackout graphic options will adapt to the machine we play with . For example on a somewhat more just Android device, the title will not have water splashes or a better fire effect in the barrel of our weapons. The sound aspect is exquisite and although it is not dubbed into Spanish, it has different voices for its characters, several languages according to the location we visit and a more than remarkable audio quality. Of course, the game is perfectly translated into our language. Musically nothing to highlight or reproach. Basically the game has a few melodies that go completely unnoticed in pursuit of direct action.