Monster Hunter Generations - Análisis

Author: Carlos G. Gurpegui
Date: 2020-07-30 23:10:09
At a time like this, with a Nintendo on the razor's edge, each powerful launch for the Nintendo 3DS is a breath of air for the Great N. During the last few months some of the games have been falling into our hands most anticipated for the Nintendo laptop. Fire Emblem Fates or Bravely Second: End Layer have given us dozens of hours of fun on our console and now it's Monster Hunter Generations' turn to open the face of the new Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Each launch of Monster Hunter in our country is one more step in the franchise to achieve a good fan base. We cannot deny that Monster Hunter is a niche game saga with a well-defined audience and with well-defined tastes and desires. Capcom knows this perfectly and has been perfecting its franchise over the years and with Monster Hunter Generations they seem to have hit the nail on the head and have known how to distill the essence of all their previous games in the most complete version so far.

Monster Hunter X, as it is called in Japan, has been delighting its horde of Japanese followers for a handful of months. The arrival of Monster Hunter X, renowned as Generations, to our country and the entire West in such a short period of time is one more example of the gap that the franchise has been known to make. The player base in our country has grown over time and its organization in different Hunter Guilds to facilitate hunting is a sign of the involvement of players with Capcom titles.

The first novelty of Monster Hunter Generations for the players of our country is the possibility of joining us in online hunts without the need to gather us all in the same physical place. Hopefully this does not reduce the activities of the Hunter Guilds that we mentioned earlier because it is initiatives like these that keep the games alive.

Monster Hunter Generations comes as the sublimation of the elements most loved by the players of the saga. It is not the reinvention of fire but its refinement, we go from a simple fire to a comfortable low-lying stove. Capcom has been able to listen to its main audience and has created a game that perfectly fits the existing player niche and that tries to facilitate the entry of new players to a franchise as complex and dense as Monster Hunter is.

We know that hunters are people of numbers, they are people who want to know how many beasts will be in their game in order to hunt them down and share the benefits of loot with their allies. Monster Hunter Generations has done its homework well in this regard and presents us with more than a hundred creatures (exactly 107 monsters between small and large) which places it ahead of previous titles such as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate or Monster Hunter Ultimate 3. Among With this hundred creatures we can find 22 completely new monsters created for this new installment of Monster Hunter, which gives us an interesting new range of objects and combinations (in addition to forcing us to learn new patterns and ways of hunting).

We have discussed the dialogue that Capcom has had with its fan base and the changes they have implemented in Monster Hunter Generations based on the feedback received. Well, in this new installment there will be no more underwater fights , yes, those that so many blisters raised in their day for control during them. There are other small elements that have been removed such as angry monsters and apex or the possibility of perfecting weapons.