Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - Análisis

Author: Xavi Mogrovejo
Date: 2020-03-03 01:05:48
After more than a year since its launch, Capcom publishes the first expansion - and it seems that it will be the only one - of Monster Hunter World: Icerborne, an icy spot with tons of new content to get and new monsters to take down. In addition to higher ranges to reach and other challenges and icy surprises. Iceborne first went on sale on Playstation 4 and Xbox One in September and now returns with its PC version.

Warning for those who want to play Iceborne: to access this expansion you must complete the main campaign and reach level 16 Hunter Rank (RC) . But, although the guidelines remain the same; track and hunt monsters, we anticipate you, that maybe that level falls short for you to get directly to Iceborne. The atmosphere is ice, but the thing is that it burns - although we will occasionally return to already known lands of Monster Hunter World.

We are in Arroyo de Frost , a totally new and more hostile environment than the original areas presented in Monster Hunter World. An icy world parallel to what we had known so far. While it is true that in areas of the past such as the Bed of the Elders, we had to be careful because our health gradually decreased due to excess heat - being surrounded by magma is what it has - the weather or the circumstances that the scenario proposed did not They felt like a real enemy. But as a handicap to deal with and it was, for the most part, something small to deal with. Everything was arranged by blow of potion or healing aids that our partner, or the same scenario, offered us.

However, that has changed in Iceborne. Here it is felt that the world is another rival to face . The monsters use the elements of the environment to get on the ropes and complicate the fights. The cold and the ice are going to be two of the toughest rivals that we find in Iceborne. To protect ourselves from that icy weather, we must drink hot drinks that provide us with enough heat for a certain time so that our resistance is not affected in combat. A rather annoying inconvenience if one keeps in mind that the resistance, our stamina, only recovers if we rest and measure the dodges and rapid movements we make. Unlike health, as we have already mentioned was a factor that could be solved with the help of seconds and third parties.

So, considering that you have to complete Monster Hunter World to access this expansion of Capcom, do not expect, at all, that this is like a walk in the meadow. That is, Iceborne has in mind that we have already dedicated a number of hours to the base game . So it presupposes that we are prepared for the worst and takes the freedom to climb, adapting to each monster and situation, the level.

One of the main characteristics of the Icerborne monsters is speed . Although we are, we repeat, in a frozen world, it seems that they have no difficulty with that - they were conceived there, of course - and enjoy all the speed they want. Unlike us, we must also remain attentive to those points on the map that can play against us: landslides, sinking in the ground, that snow covers us above the legs, etc. Adding to this having to analyze what are the weaknesses of each enemy and how is their nature to cope. As usual in the saga.

In this sense, Monster Hunter Wolrd: Iceborne continues to maintain the type. Making your gameplay not simply based on a pseudo hack and slash in which we only have to crush buttons to defeat the giant being that crosses us ahead. We must carefully study all the movements of the monsters to understand if the strategy we are using - combat movements, weapons, armor, etc. - is appropriate or we should study other possibilities.

As for armament, the vital and main in a hunting video game, we will find several new combos in the different weapons, which we must choose according to our style of play, since each, as you know, has specific characteristics. Although one of our greatest allies is going to be the sling , with which we can get hooked on the enemies to avoid moving so slowly through the snow and go directly to the action. However, we can also do damage at a distance, a useful resource - as long as we do not already carry a weapon with these characteristics - to take a view from another perspective of combat.

However, the sling can be a double-edged sword. That is to say; just as it can help us get closer to our enemy to try to get some advantage in combat by adhering to his back to do as much damage as possible without running any danger - or at least being in a moderately safe area -, you can also make the monsters annihilate us almost automatically if we throw it at the wrong time, since we go straight against them and most likely they will attack us. Or eat us, directly. Beware of trusting the confrontations, because the beings of Arroyo de Frost, despite being derived from species that we have already faced in the past - like Anjanaht -, act somewhat differently and are more fierce . It is not that the system of behavior of each and every one of them has been reinvented, but there are modifications such as the type of damage that we can inflict the most or the attacks. And the look, of course - the look is beastly.

Monster Hunter World was able to create a difficulty that was effective for both experts and novices in the New World . A very complicated task considering that for veterans facing giant bicharracos was the usual. However, the base video game was more than able to create a comfortable space for the neophytes to feel that they were advancing as they learned and the experienced should reformulate what they had learned in previous installments to defeat the new Monster Hunter World monsters.

Iceborne doesn't play that card. We talk about this expansion as if it were a separate world. As if everything that we had seen or learned during a year of play had not served for practically anything. The choice of Capcom to choose for its expansion to perform a scenario where you can die for the simple reason of not paying attention to your environment, is not a coincidence or a coincidence. This icy world where subspecies of monsters live and reside that we wish we had never faced - because the difficulty is high peak here - is going to be a journey we will not forget.