Monster Hunter: World - Analysis

Author: Jose A. Rodríguez
Date: 2020-03-02 21:10:25
Capcom has taken its time. It has been months, in fact, half a year, since Monster Hunter World arrived on PS4 and Xbox One. But finally, the successful title (in fact, the most successful in the company for years), makes an appearance in compatible. Our PCs welcome an extensive, deep game that, despite all its good features, does not end up fitting in with the public alike. But as they say, you can't please everyone. Let's see if Windows players are worth it ...

This analysis is not specifically a description of the latest installment of the Monster Hunter saga, but an assessment of how it is played on a PC at a technical, control and operational level. If you want to know more about Monster Hunter World, an outstanding title that has not stopped expanding over the months, we strongly recommend you to take a look at the analysis of the original , which appeared on our website before its launch this year, and in the that are approached in depth playable aspects and of the plot very necessary to value it in all its dimension.

To put ourselves in a situation, we are facing the title that the Monster Hunter saga takes, already mythical and with importance throughout the world, but with the delivery that, while maintaining its eastern essence, is closer to the West at the level of spectacularity, operation and even aesthetic For the first time, the game of hunting monsters goes from being a piece dedicated to the most technical and closed players and opens through scenes and setting to more users, which means leaving some aspects that the most closed fans have not thanked at all, like the number of creatures.

That said, let's focus on PC ... and it is that many adaptations of games first appeared on the console are not what we liked the most. Is this game an exception? Yes and no. We explain ourselves. We find a game that was already quite interesting at the technical level, with beautiful environments, varied creatures and personality, characters full of even the smallest detail and gestures that surprised above all compared to the characteristics of the saga's past . In PC, what we are going to find is identical, obviously, and even better if we are frank, although for this it is necessary to have a very high-end team.

Let's talk in terms of performance: this is a game that, to a large extent, demands more than it should in a team. There is really no reason for Monster Hunter World to work in a measured way with a graphics card that can still be considered medium-high range, machines in which, to ensure a good flow of the images on the screen, you have to remove amount of effects, lower shading and even eliminate vertical sync. In our case, with a GTX 970, still running at full power, for some reason the title deduced that it was a good idea to eliminate the V-Sync, which made us go to the menu to "tidy up".

Let's talk about this: control. It is bad? At all, in fact the game itself is very well controlled with keyboard and reason: movement keys, accelerate and even go with stealth perfectly placed as if it were a shooter, good response to the mouse buttons ... a Solvent game on many levels. Until we want to exit the game or go to the menus. And that is where things get weird. To exit the game we had to make juggling, exactly the same as to configure how the title was going to look in the menu before the game. We do not know very well why it is so complicated to make a "healthy" adaptation of the controls, that is organic, that is predictable. To move from one page to another, we are asked for a left click, basically "emulating" the accept button on a console.

When leaving the game, the game insisted that it was not possible during the mission, although what we wanted was to go to the menu and from there to Windows. The biggest mistake came later, when leaving "through the bad", at which time directly, an error made it impossible even to get it with Alt + F4. The game went to the background and then returned to the first. We know it is an isolated error ... but it shouldn't happen.

All this comes to us basically as the game came into the world half a year ago, without additions like the one from Final Fantasy that has been so popular recently, but it is not uncommon. These are events that require a certain level that we are probably not going to reach at the time of the launch, which took place yesterday. We can wait a bit and see how it translates over the weeks. Of course, we are not going to deny it: with a high-end team, the graphics gain in detail, in depth, the vegetation improves, the shadows, the effects ... everything is profit. What we recommend? Play, yes, but with command. Because without a doubt, he was born to control himself like this.