Monument Valley - Analysis

Author: Jaume Esteve
Date: 2020-07-30 21:45:41
Monument Valley, created by Ustwogames, lands on our iOS devices as a breath of fresh air, although it certainly brings us reminiscences of another title. From the hand of a veteran like Terry Cavanagh we were able to enjoy Naya's Quest, a risky proposal entirely orchestrated by its creator that challenged us to find the correct point of view to overcome the levels. The parallelism with Monument Valley is evident at first glance, but let's go further, since this game is precisely what it asks us to do: dive and soak in it and its geometric waters.

From the moment we start the application, we notice that we are not facing any game and we prepare ourselves to enjoy a visual spectacle rather than a hobby. Without further explanation, Monument Valley puts us in the shoes of Ida, a princess who seems to walk determined to fulfill her mission. A mission that, of course, we are completely unfamiliar with and will only discover when we have completed the game. During the same, we will get to know some other curious character such as our faithful and useful friend the Totem, the undesirable black birds that will be obstacles on our way, and the wise, who will enigmatically reveal the essence of the story: a huge and beautiful metaphor for life.

Monument Valle and surprises us with its risky bet. For the most placed on the subject of art, recognizing MC Escher in every pixel of the game will be a joy or a fright since this lithograph author was considered from a genius for his creations to a madman for his delusions. The father the impossible figures is the source of inspiration for this title and his vision of reality the essence of Monument Valley .

Divided into ten levels , the complexity will increase as we understand the history that awaits us among its impossible structures. MCEscher's own phrase about mathematical laws gives us a clue to their gameplay: "The most a man of keen intelligence can do is discover that those laws are there and get to know them."

After completing the first levels, we discovered the key to Monument Valley . The importance of perspective and point of view will be the key that will open all the doors that Ida must cross. Thanks to the touch screen of our iPhone or iPad , we will indicate with a press where the princess should go. The handles on the structures are perfectly differentiated since they are characterized by being either a wheel or a set of circles. Each one will cause different changes in the structures within the level, so we will have to be attentive and above all observe, in order to glimpse a combination that allows our little friend to advance towards the buttons to solve the great puzzle that is the level.

In Monument Valley the visual game is served thanks to the minimalist design. The colors and the simple and soft shapes are a true delight for our senses, having a finish so clean that it is a joy to return to the world of Ida again and again.

Although the puzzles are real puzzles for our minds and, above all, for our senses, at no time will our nerves stand out like the edges of geometric structures, quite the contrary. As a balsamic effect, Monument Valley will drag and catch us from one level to another in a fluid and harmonic way, since the sound section plays a very important role being a true delight for our ears ... and also our fingers, since activating any mechanism it will detonate a melodious note. In addition, although as we have said the difficulty will increase as we go, it will never be an obstacle to continue. The challenges will unravel before our eyes to the minimum that we propose.

Precisely because of the elaborate but at the same time not difficult challenges, Monument Valley has a dark shadow although it is hard to believe and this is its duration. As precious as it is, its price in the AppStore is € 3.59 , a figure that does not fit at all well at the short time it will last, although its quality. It is up to each one to weigh whether or not it is worth it. We bet on the first, of course, and that is that Monument Valley is a jewel lost in the sea of apps that flood our devices. A jewel, yes, geometric and at first glance impossible but, like life itself, everything depends on how you look at it.