Mortal Kombat X - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 17:24:42
This analysis of Mortal Kombat X is an arduous task for those who write these lines. Not because it is a bad title or it is difficult to value it, but because I spent a good part of my youth trying to spend the first Mortal Kombat with Raiden, in the bar under my house. The first implication of this is that my expectations are skyrocketing, after the excellent work of NetherRealm and Warner Bros. in putting honey on our lips. A new fighter here, another classic over there, a dose of blood and guts, a look at the campaign mode or its online options ... The result is that this title has become for me one of the most anticipated games of the first half of the year. And I am pleased that much of my expectations have been met: Mortal Kombat X is an excellent fighting game.

The creation of NetherRealm can boast of being the most complete, trying to satisfy all kinds of users : experts in the fight, novices, lovers of the old Mortal Kombat, those who enjoy alone or in company, those who are looking for news or feast your eyes ... Ed Boon's team has a wink for all of them, this being the best medal they can hang.

But let's start at the beginning, with its combat system . Mortal Kombat X offers classic 1 vs. 1 battles. 1 contested on a two-dimensional plane on three-dimensional graphics. So far, few surprises. The course of combat does not innovate either, with fights based on rounds that usually end with the mythical Finish Him moment for the rigorous Fatality / Brutality. To the poorly trained eye, it might seem like a more fighting game, darker and wilder, yes, but classic after all. Each character has their special attacks, movement combinations, and energy bars. Perfect for those less skilled to go clubbing buttons while enjoying its five-button combat system (two kicks, two punches and the cover button, separate from the directional stick). It could even be said that Mortal Kombat X lends itself to this rookie game allowing easy Fatalities, if we have a specific chip that is earned by playing (which in turn seeks to sting the least skilled to hook and deepen).

The last differentiating point of the Mortal Kombat X fights is the interaction with the scenarios , which draws directly from what was seen in the previous creation of the development studio, allowing us to lean on and jump out of the corners of the stage, use some element of the furniture ( old lady included) to attack the enemy or create a distraction. NetherRealm's simple and effective way of adding a touch of unpredictability to battles, although the level of interaction is lower than Injustice, because it does not allow changing scenarios (which was also a classic in the series) and has reduced somewhat the elements that we will find.

At this point we must say that Xbox One has some advantage in this title, and not for technical reasons, but the hardware itself. The command of the Microsoft console responds better to our orders and to the movements that we will make to carry out the special blows, both with the analog stick and with the digital crosshead (although better if we use the latter). The Dualshock of PS4 is somewhat lazy and perhaps too sensitive ... Which leads to inaccuracies that can make us lose the fighting. If you can have a specific stick for fighting games, this small difference disappears completely.

And it is that a microsecond of doubt is the difference between making a combo or ending up spitting teeth in Mortal Kombat X. Because if there is something for sure it is that we will see blood little by little we play and experiment with it. The fatalities are some of the crudest and most brutal we've seen, but the X-Ray punches aren't far behind either, with detailed plans for broken bones. Obviously a game developed to be played exclusively by adults, and which also does not take itself too seriously. This good humor is what ends up making the entire shell more bearable, more detailed than ever.