Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - Review

Author: Lorenzo Baldo
Date: 2021-01-26 02:50:33
In a riot of gore and congealed blood, Kano in 1992 reworked cardiac surgery in a very personal way, performing an open heart operation with more than dire consequences for the unfortunate patient. A blue-clad chiropractor, dressed up like a Japanese shadow warrior, did better and, raising the other's head to the height of the neck, showed the audience the intrinsic beauty of the spine, in an iconographic anatomy lesson that he literally sent in anger the people of the right-thinking, perpetually waiting for a target towards which to hurl the ax of censorship. The taste of the forbidden and the transgression made Mortal Kombat, a fighting game with fragile mechanics, a classic, generating a saga that continued between ups and downs until it literally became debased, only to rise from the ashes two years ago thanks to the inevitable, and in this case not superfluous, reboot. This rebirth comes with a certain delay on Personal Computer, in an all-inclusive edition of all the downloadable paid packages published in the meantime.

The usual tug-of-war between the forces of good, led by the god of thunder Raiden, and darkness, at the top of Shao Kahn, shines in a compelling story, made up of narrative intersections in which each individual character finds a precise and correct location. The script, never coarse, punctually emphasizes the character and soul of the cast members, giving them unprecedented depth and charisma: Johnny Cage's comical braggart soon gives way to the rigid military discipline of Jax, a corpulent loyal soldier in the 'to carry out the orders received from the high command to the letter, while Liu Kang experiences an inner conflict, plagued by doubts and forced, without feeling ready yet, to become the champion of humanity. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition has the great advantage of not isolating itself in the sterile fanservice, in the self-celebration aimed only at long-time fans, offering instead an enjoyable story even for those who had never approached the effigy of the dragon.

Scorpion's resentment of Sub Zero has ancient roots.

Escape from the most sensitive public, invited to stay at a safe distance from the certification that does not recommend its sale and use to minors, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition pours whole vermilion-colored buckets onto the screen, in a riot of violence that reaches its peak during the fatality, the summary executions with which the defeated is literally uprooted from existence. Multiple mutilations, beheadings and dismemberments shred the offal like the sharp blades of a mixer, leaving only a shapeless pulp on the morgue table. To reach the zenith of pain one passes through bloody clashes, in which the contenders wear the result of a series of forbidden blows on bare skin, exhibiting lacerations, tattered clothes and exposed fractures. Athletic bodies are filled with black bruises, swellings that disfigure the faces of bullies and babes, these dressed up in skimpy uniforms that leave little to the imagination.

Kenshi is an opponent not to be underestimated, for no reason.

Although different lengths from the cornerstones of the genre, belonging to the glorious Japanese school, Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition has solid arguments and requires a careful, even reasoned approach, necessary to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual character. With a good dose of practice and a mnemonic effort, essential to fix the most lethal blow combinations in the cerebral cortex, a precise strategy is developed, molded on the wrestler and, hopefully, winning in the ring. Scorpion will attract, perhaps not by means of the harpoon, those looking for immediacy while the more savvy will instantly develop a predilection for the eclectic Noob Saibot, lord of shadows and master of dimensional gates. Quality and quantity help to fill the naivety and uncertainties of a combat system that is too rigid and repetitive in the long run: in spite of the range of combos available, in the end we focus on a few and lethal sequences, a handful per fighter, reciting them as a mantra in battle, sporadically making some variations.

Shao Kahn observes amused, in a quote from the second chapter of the saga.

The great possibilities provided by the online game, first of all the possibility of learning new tactics from the clash with complete strangers, are almost canceled by an unsatisfactory net-code, in which defects are the order of the day. The latency in the execution of the commands given and the halving of the frame-rate are the main problems of a deficient sector, which raises the same perplexities triggered by the previous domestic incarnation. Not to mention the traditional shortage of online challengers. Finally: the impossibility of evaluating the goodness of the connection of others before getting into the fight is incomprehensible, it is a brand error that finds no justification.

"Gotcha!". And then cartellate on the gums!

From a technical point of view I can be more than satisfied with the conversion: the universe of Mortal Kombat pulsates in front of the eyes, full of atmosphere, gloomy and gloomy, with decadent theaters children of the underworld and nightmare. Cemeteries subject to neglect and populated by evil spirits alternate with metropolises where, in the distance, we observe the struggle between unsavory giants, in a whirlwind of very welcome references to the past. Carefully modeled characters, albeit with sometimes exaggerated anatomical proportions, move smoothly, thanks to a graphics engine that never stumbles, even when the most advanced visual effects are loaded onto the shoulders. The only problem encountered concerns the compression of precalculated films, grainy intermission sequences, whose quality contrasts with the excellent workmanship of the narrative connections generated through the Unreal Engine, the heart that animates the wrestlers and the backdrops. Unless you are driven by a self-defeating spirit, I recommend staying away from dubbing in Italian, a real misfortune: not only the selected voices do not marry with the characters, but also the actors read the script in a tired way, without any transport, with involuntarily comical results. Fortunately, there is no lack of the possibility to select the Anglo-Saxon track, a loophole that allows you to escape from this impasse.

Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, apart from the online section, is a good title, able to meet the needs of fighting game lovers and paradoxically, this conversion, however late, arrives on time on a platform lacking such exponents.

Lorenzo Baldo went into raptures in front of the Mortal Kombat II cabinet. And then he started repeating "Toasty!", Obsessively.