Moss - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2021-01-26 12:37:25
For once, and without precedent, this is not going to be the Moss analysis that you would expect to find on IGN Spain. I'm sorry if this is what you were looking for, but the truth is that the Polyarc game has achieved something that few games have achieved until now: leaving me feeling warm and pleasant, but sad at the same time. Something similar to what I feel every time I remember Coco, the last Disney movie ... But I'm going to explain myself.

In a series of coincidences, just a few days before writing this text, a social network reminded me of a photo in which my dog Scully appeared (yes, in my family we are very fans of the X-Files), who died a couple of years ago. That same afternoon was when I started playing Moss, a platform and puzzle adventure designed specifically for virtual reality and exclusive to PS4. The truth is that I did not expect to find something like what I found. And it is that, beyond the virtues or defects of the production, of which I will speak later, what I discovered was a solid, alive and wonderful world, full of almost magical creatures, which I traveled for 4 hours in the company of the little girl Quill , a mute mouse who, from the first moment, felt alive by my side (even though she was on the other side of the mesh of the PlayStation VR glasses).

Perhaps it was due to the hodgepodge of sensations awakened by the photo I was commenting on, but it didn't take me too long to get close to this adorable rodent, literally sticking my face to her. And she looked back at me and interacted with me in a thousand and one ways ... She even communicated with me through real sign language. If what I saw was not a fantasy come true, in the purest style of what happens in the 2nd season of Dirk Gently, it seemed it. Suddenly that little mouse mattered to me and suffered with every mistake I made when controlling her, cheering her on loudly and congratulating her almost as if she could hear me. "Come on little mouse", "Well done, dwarf" were common that afternoon.

It could be said that the child that lives within me had fully awakened, embracing the fiction before his eyes as if it were one of the imagined worlds of my childhood daydreams. The narrative also collaborated completely with it, with a style very similar to that of The Neverending Story, only that I was the Bastian of the adventure, the only person capable of helping Quill in the challenge before him. It was not that I lived the story more intensely, but that I was part of the narrative and of its world, as a reader of the story that is the story of Moss, turning pages, but also interacting with it at the same time as Quill it moved, leaped and fought. I moved blocks, I froze enemies, I opened doors ... I even rewarded my partner from time to time by scratching her back if we had a moment of calm (and not because I should, but because I wanted to, like when we scratch our pet's back). This little mouse and I were one .

The immersion was total, immersing myself fully in the beautiful and detailed world to scale of Moss in each and every one of the places that Quill and I visited, seeing it from a fixed perspective, a la Lucky's Tale for VR. It did not matter if there were enemies, puzzles or moments of platform, the union between the protagonist of the game and I was unique, thanks to the excellent work with the control, simple and precise when it should. It is true that there was a moment of discomfort, when I moved around the stage to see some of the passages through which Quill had to pass, and too often to get out of range of the camera. And to this we must add that Moss is completely in English , so if Shakespeare's language was not controlled, the symbiosis with the heroic co-star of the game would have been much more complicated.

The fact is that after not too many shocks (the difficulty of the game is rather fair), we finish the adventure. I could have come back to collect the stained glass fragments or the magic powders that I left on the way, but the truth is that I did not want to repeat the story, so that everything would continue to be as real as I felt it the first time. Going back to the same situations would take away the magic of what Quill and I experienced in our first meeting. Nor was it necessary, since after finishing the Polyarc adventure I felt strongly that it was the end of a journey together and, for the first time in a long time, I searched the developer's website to find out where they were from, but not to put it in this analysis, but to know if one day I was going to be able to thank you for creating this magical game, and give you a hug. Because that Saturday I not only met Quill, but with her I revived my partner Scully a little. Call me silly or sentimental if you want, but for that alone it was worth having PS VR . The game, as such, may not be perfect, for being short and having technical failures, but that Saturday he did the impossible, and resurrected a part of me that is not always awake. That day I saved Fantasia.