MotorStorm - game review

Date: 2007-04-13 12:13:00
The review was based on the PS3 version.

It was a plain, bright afternoon when I got word from Shuck that the Playstation 3 had finally hit the editorial board. After quickly working out the university excuses for the rest of the day, I set off on those rushes to our GOL skyscraper. When I got there, I had a strange sight: they were all sitting in the "relaxation corner" as one man, watching closely as the lucky one who was currently in charge was playing Motorstorm . And this state of concentration was interrupted by sincere bursts of laughter at each more serious collision. Oh, by chance, they took what was on top and let it go - I thought perversely. As it turned out, however, the tile with the desert arcade racer rarely left the console drive for the next few days. The initial line-ups of Sony consoles have never brought absolute killers with them - and this is also the case this time, but compared to other starting titles, this production is definitely distinguished by panache and a certain ease. And although she is far from perfect, it is hard to find a better start to a romance with a squared-black girl.

The eponymous Motorstorm is a fictional music and racing festival, roughly modeled on the event known as Burning Man, held annually in the US state of Nevada. Theoretically, as part of this event, we will take our mechanical monster against other madmen who are playing with death. "Theoretically" because we do not have contact with the party itself, it appears only as a background in menus and laconic cut-scenes. We will be interested in the "Play" option in the main menu. Yes, that's right, here's a racing game with only one game mode! No free runs, time trials, ghost matches and others, just the shy "Play", in fact consisting of a series of 21 events, each of which is from one to four races.

The real meat of the game is the division of vehicles in it into completely different categories: ranging from light and frail motorcycles or quads, through rally cars, mud pluggers, jeeps, and ending with huge trucks. The differences in driving and the preferred route selection are colossal, but only between individual classes - machines from a specific category differ from each other almost exclusively from the cosmetic side. And how was the whole thing balanced? Quite interesting, because all vehicles show practically the same speed on a straight, but differ in acceleration, controllability and sensitivity to the type of ground.

The routes included in Motorstorm are extremely multifaceted and although there are not many of them, each of them can be traveled in several completely different ways, adapting the chosen route to the capabilities of the vehicle we are driving. If we are steering the truck, we should boldly slide along the slightest resistance line, ignoring the obstacles (within reason, of course) and the mud slowing us down. On the other hand: the lighter the vehicle we choose, the more we'll have to combine in order not to run into too unfavorable driving conditions. This state of affairs leads to some abuses, as the equilibrium jumps and evolutions of motorcyclists are contrasted with the shabby ramming of everything by heavy equipment drivers, all equalized by the aforementioned top speed. So it turns out that winning at the controls of the truck costs the least effort. The other side of the coin is that it is most monotonous then.

The most exciting element of the game is the dynamic combat on the route - jostling with opponents, or their merciless ramming with the heaviest caliber equipment. Everything is great, just to keep us entertained, the authors applied a suspicious AI system to the game, which dynamically adjusts to our way of playing. In other words, it is impossible to get away from the peloton for more than a few seconds. No matter how they combine, they will always get the necessary wind in the sails in such a situation and will catch up with us at the first failure.

The control is basically simple, and the steering function can be performed either by the standard left analog stick or by the Sixaxis sensor that recognizes the movement. In the editorial board it was easy to notice a simple relationship: the more familiar with Dual Shock, the more inclined towards the classic variant. It was more convenient for the anti-rain party to control the deflections of the pad, which include for me they turned out to be completely intolerable (it's hard to feel "level zero"). The throttle is placed under the modified R2 button, revealing a serious disadvantage of the ergonomics of the new Sony controller - after several minutes of holding the trigger continuously, the index finger begins to irritate. An additional gadget that comes to our aid in difficult times is Boost (X), or, nomen omen, afterburner. Be careful not to hold it for too long, as it may result in an inevitable explosion of your vehicle.

Motorstorm 's biggest problem is the poor range of attractions the player encounters. There is something essential in this idea: that a good racer does not have to consist of dozens of tracks, cars and tuning options, but you would like something more than just the minimum necessary to play. Winnings in subsequent rallies result in unlocking new machines and events (not to be confused with routes, which I counted seven (!), It's just about a higher level of difficulty and different class restrictions), which after some time ceases to be enough motivation to play. And there is nothing else to do here, cholibka, even split-sceen was missing! So we do not race with our neighbor from behind, there is a multiplayer via the network, offering fun up to 12 players at the same time, supported by a ranking system.

There is no doubt that this title is the most beautiful item on PS3 at the moment - it looks really beautiful, although with some irony one can recall the famous render from E3 2005, in relation to which we are, of course, far in the forest. Well, but. The routes are very detailed, full of details and flavors hidden in the background (brown and red aesthetics become boring after some time), while the vehicles enchant with their unusual hardcore design. Moreover, the damage system of the latter is great, beginning with innocent scratches and covering the body with mud, and rising to the heights with incredibly suggestive crashes. One false move, and the parts of our pet shrouded in flames will be scattered within a dozen or so meters, which we can see in detail in a sadistic camera shot. Fortunately, after a few seconds we are fully respawned in the middle of the road. Speaking of technicalities, let's also pay attention to the absurd long loading times of races and (!) Vehicle models on the selection screen.

Our struggle is accompanied by a nice, dynamic soundtrack, which includes several reasonable bands, such as Queens of the Stone Age, Slipknot, Pendulum, Kings of Leon and a few other, rather commonly associated names. Ha, even one song by Nirvana has come on ( Breed ). It's all nicely matched, sharp sound with a slight heavy metal aftertaste fits here perfectly. Apart from music, we will not experience many sounds that fall into awareness here. The roars of engines and explosions do their job without really standing out. On the other hand, there is one cool theme, which is the sudden break of the foundation at the moment of a crash - a hair on the head is bristling.

Motorstorm is a good game to fire up with your buddies and say "watch my new console rock." It is also perfect as a relaxing pill, applied in doses no more than 20-30 minutes at a time. You drool at the sight of it, if someone gives you a proverbial game, and when you own it, sooner or later its charm fades a bit. It is undoubtedly a great deal of entertainment, just a shame that it has no potential for more than, say, a week. And is that what you want when you spend a song on PS3?

Krzysztof "Lordareon" Gonciarz