NBA 2K16 - Analysis

Author: José L. Ortega
Date: 2020-07-30 19:52:52
Lovers of good basketball are in luck lately. Recently the Spanish team has given us the joy of the year prevailing in the Eurobasket, and now it is about to hit NBA 2K16 stores. The popular basket sports franchise comes in strong to demonstrate its immense superiority over the rest.

From 2K Sports they do not tire. They have been doing impeccable work with their basketball simulator for a long time, and each year they are able to add subtle nuances that further enhance their legend. Maintaining the level of quality season after season is not an easy task. We are not exaggerating if we say that we find one of the best sports sagas of all time .

Being frank, we will not find too many news inside with respect to previous editions. But precisely, this should not be taken as a bit negative, since evolution is logically minor when excellence has practically been achieved. As the great Andrés Montes would say that we honor with the title of the analysis, NBA 2K16 is the gamer who smiles the same year after year after leaving us with his mouth open.

The first thing we have to be thankful for is an aspect that may be bland or unimportant, but which had been neglected in recent years. This is the main menu . Before it was very confusing, having to navigate using the analog joystick to bring up the various sections. Now, everything is much cleaner, with the strip of options located on the left side of the screen and Stephen Curry as the main protagonist.

But of course, we cannot ignore the superb work and effort on the part of 2K Spain to take care of users in our country. Our main image is carried out by the brothers Pau and Marc Gasol , who during the past All-Star made history with their participation in the match of the stars making the initial jump together.

Going into the matter, we have before us a title that once again makes a difference with the little details . No matter how many hours we dedicate to it, in each meeting we begin to see a string of small brushstrokes that magnify the work behind it.

Visually we are before a true prodigy that will make the least skilled wonder if we are watching a real game. This can be seen brutally in the parquet of the court, full of reflections or with the mark that the shoes leave on him as the match progresses. Of course, the stands also play their part , with the spectators getting up and screaming after a spectacular action, the substitutes benches trying to cheer on their teammates, the pets putting on their show, or the cheerleaders cheering down times.

NBA 2K16 has everything we can see in a real game of the best league in the world, and even more. The 2K Sports experience helps them, more and more, not stitch without thread. Something that also takes on a supine importance with the ten protagonists who are between the two baskets of 3.05.

It is difficult to describe the realism with which each aspect of the party is reflected. Something never seen in any sports simulator of any discipline. The main exponent of this are the animations of each and every one of the players, who perform actions identical to those of their real namesakes. The penetrations to basket, the launchings in suspension or the fight for the rebound are recreated with a level of quality of scares, that sometimes will cause that we take the control from the TV instead of the one from the console.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that we would spend hours commenting on those little details that we find in each game of NBA 2K16 , which are always full of anecdotes. How to score a basket in the last second and have the referees check if it has entered in time or not. A television approach that, as we say, feels great. But the really important thing comes when we have to make decisions on the court in tenths of a second with the ball in our hands.