NBA 2K17 - Analysis

Author: Ángel Llamas
Date: 2020-07-30 16:19:21
Welcome to the 2016-17 basketball season. Although the season has two weeks (ACB) and a little more than a month (NBA) to officially begin, the arrival of NBA 2K17 on the shelves serves as a starting pistol and allows us to take off a little monkey body to all who know that life can be wonderful.

And it is that one more year the title of 2K Games returns to stroll alone, without rival to face it and with the sole objective of offering a show at the height of the sport it represents. Is this the excuse for them to rest on their laurels? Will this new installment be at the height of the saga? Fasten your seatbelts, don't move from your seats, glider number 23 is about to take off.

The first feeling that this new annual iteration leaves is that 2K has done it again. He has spent years showing insulting superiority over his competitors, so much so that EA Sports went from taking a break to trying to compete to shooting, definitely? the towel and put aside the sport of the basket. Every year it seems that what we are seeing is the perfect basketball game and that there is nothing to add or correct, and every year we see subtle differences that once again set a milestone, setting the bar higher and higher. However, the feeling that for this very reason each installment is a simple facelift of the previous one with some minor additions, template updates and some gameplay tweaks. Enough to justify the outlay at a time when all of our favorite games go on sale? Yes. If there is a saga that deserves fidelity, we are talking about NBA 2K.

As usual, before the game has even finished installing completely (an action that, even though the game is in physical format takes considerable time), we have the opportunity to check the news in the introductory game that serves as a tutorial. In this tutorial they only show you the most basic movements, so if you are a regular player of the saga you will only be able to appreciate subtle differences. The game is now somewhat more physical and at first it seems more difficult to make a basket if a player is defending you closely. You will notice how the atmosphere on the courts has been emphasized to the point that it is often difficult to distinguish the game from a real game.

Once the game has finished loading and you are face to face with the interface, it is when you realize the face lift that has been done, and not only at a graphic level. One of the worst features of the game in its previous version was the high loading times in a thick and quite cumbersome menu. Something that, although not completely, has been mitigated and more dynamism has been achieved when choosing between the different options that the game offers us. Otherwise, everything remains practically the same. The same game modes, with some extra additions in My Team mode, and little else. It is the first small disappointment. There are no other news in sight, beyond the obviously updated templates.

But this lack of bombastic news hides an improvement that can be seen game by game, because NBA 2K17 is a game that aims to accompany us throughout the season, and that's where the battle clearly wins. The game manages to make you feel one more on the court thanks to the care of its visual appearance. Not only are the graphics surprisingly better with each passing year, but everything that surrounds an NBA game is taken care of to the millimeter to make you feel in-game. The teams warming up with players chatting among themselves, the local public chanting the names of the stars of their team and ultimately absolutely everything you can find on the track.