NBA 2K17 - Review

Author: Francesco "Checco" Destri
Date: 2020-07-30 16:19:49
How to improve an already perfect game? A question that the Visual Concepts guys have been asking for a few years now on the eve of the development of a new NBA 2K and that this year, after yet another hit with NBA 2K16, they will certainly have been asked. Not that last year's episode was perfect (personally I still think the career section entrusted to Spike Lee is not very incisive), but finding new ideas and new ideas to improve a 9.2 vote game is still a challenge. We don't tell you right away if with NBA 2K17 the Californian team has succeeded or not in its purpose, but in the end, after at least thirty hours of play, it is clear how the changes made to the formula of NBA 2K16 are much more numerous than we thought , although perhaps only true enthusiasts will notice the less obvious but no less important ones.

Let's start immediately from the gameplay and the controls. Since the initial tutorial that you can play while waiting for the game to download (I downloaded it on PlayStation 4 thanks to a review code), there are at least three new features that are perceived immediately. The shooting system now involves filling the entire lower bar (and no longer in the middle as last year), whose speed from 0 to 100 varies according to different parameters (tiredness, position on the pitch, player level, type defense). If we add to this the use of the right stick to perform a further series of shots ranging from the one on the scoreboard to the one at hand (now more difficult but also more realistic since you control the extension of the shooting arm), the news in the field are numerous already only on this side.

Remarkable then the refreshed date to the contact and collision system, with the taller and more robust players who transmit much more their body and who, in the defense phase, become real walls more difficult to overcome even if you are controlling a particularly agile and fast player. This, combined with the greater refinement of the AI (just look at the differences on the rebounds to realize it), forces you to think more, to stop more often and to make the ball spin more, whose physics, albeit still a little rough in some points, it has also undergone a noteworthy restyling.

Everything is then rendered with an even more marked sensation of dynamism and speed, made possible also by the new animations which, especially in the defense phase, contribute to creating a sensation of plasticity and incredible realism. More than describing, you really need to see and touch with your hands how fluid the movements of the players' arms and legs are and how perfectly they are characterized according to their physical and tactical characteristics. The same system that regulates fatigue has been enriched with new variants and at a more difficult level it is immediately understood how the increase in the challenge concerns not so much the infallibility of the opponent's shots, as much as their disposition on the pitch and their tactics.

If you have not yet understood, NBA 2K17 is the best title of the series produced so far on a purely simulation level, although this also means a slight increase in difficulty compared to the already far from casual models of the previous chapters. In fact, a neophyte who approaches basketball for the first time and chooses NBA2K17, hoping perhaps to go happily to the basket every two for three, can find himself truly displaced by the amount of variants, by the management of the right stick, by tactics, by the changes and everything that goes to make up an incredible gameplay. Fortunately, the tutorial already mentioned helps a lot to get into the spirit of the game, but I still consider NBA 2K17 (as well as the predecessors) a sports title that needs a lot of passion, patience and devotion.

Three virtues that usually reward with great satisfaction and NBA 2K17 is no exception even when we go to see the game modes. The most awaited is certainly MyCareer, which goes back to its origins after the not really exciting experiment of last year with a storyline that is far too intrusive and not very interesting. The career of our champion does not even foresee particular novelties in the development and in the outline characters (family members, managers, coaches), but if nothing else the cut-scenes are less oppressive and the tone of the narration is not as serious as last year . Richer and more varied instead all the speech of the sponsors and the climb to success (fans, money, important friendships), which, however, despite the possibility of buying more upgrades than last year, I continue to consider a "just" nice aspect but nothing more.