New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-31 08:54:29
It is Mario's turn again, before the imminent arrival of Yoshi next March. However, we have good and bad news. The good news is that it is an excellent game, which comes more complete than ever, despite having been reviewed twice. The bad thing is precisely that, that it is not exactly a new adventure, since this New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is something just right. But let us not anticipate events, nor be too austere, we go by parts.

New Super Mario Bros. originally came to Nintendo Wii in 2009 (IGN Spain did not even exist at the time, so we invite you to read the analysis of our American colleagues). It was a great critical and public success, and revolutionized 2D platforms to some extent, by adding a hilarious cooperative mode, capable of uniting and separating couples and friends. Seen in the vein, Nintendo remastered this game, minimally adapting it to its next console, and adding some specific feature for it (which disappears completely in the current port). It was 2012 and New Super Mario Bros. U arrived. A few months later a self-playable expansion starring Mario's brother arrived. We are talking about New Super Luigi U, which followed the same playable pattern as the main game, but offered new levels and certain minor playable changes, such as greater difficulty and shorter levels (for the occasion, the time limit of these levels has been increased to 200 seconds, instead of the original 100). It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a revolution either.

All of this above is what New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe includes. That is, two games brimming with emotion and of the highest quality, albeit with some time. A total of 164 levels , to be said soon, for us to enjoy alone or in the company of up to three friends, in its always addictive and effective multiplayer mode. A real explosion of fun if you didn't play the original game, or if you don't remember what these titles were like at the time. Here you will find a thousand and one platforms, enemies, secrets, mini-games, surprises and much more, enjoying it a lot on your own, but even more so if you play it with friends locally (it has no online options). Here, you and your friends will help and annoy you (voluntarily or involuntarily) until you carry dozens of continuations, since you must bear in mind that this is not an easy game ... Hence the existence of Caco Gazapo as an easy way - although it debuted in the Wii U- and Toadette version - a novelty for this occasion.

If we continue with the possibilities that remain, we find three new game modes available: Challenges, Turbo Game and Coin Hunt . They are, respectively, a series of challenges for a player in which to overcome various levels of time, a mode with series of levels to overcome as quickly as possible, with the addition that the scroll speed does not depend on us but on the coins that we collect, and the third of these new modes is exclusively multiplayer, being a hunt for the largest number of coins possible within a limited scenario. As you see nothing new in this sense, at any level, although it is true that they add a good time of fun both if we play with more people, as if we do not. They could have included more possibilities within these game options, but this has not been the case.

In other words, the great novelties of this New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe are limited to Toadette and his improved abilities (he has more time, collects lives 3 on 3, brakes faster ... And becomes Peachdette, with what that she is allowed to do a double jump). There are smaller changes and tweaks (such as we can choose a character playing solo), but the truth is that, in general terms, this Switch title is content with greening old laurels and, incidentally, offering the game to a new audience that Yes, you can play without the shackles of a TV, by working like a charm in the portable mode of Nintendo Switch. In this case we will see the game at a resolution of 720p and 60 images per second (as in the previous versions of the game), while in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe dock mode it reaches 1080p and the same image rate, offering an extra definition and color, but without it being a real revolution.

The sound does not change with respect to the Wii U version, offering a handful of sympathetic and successful melodies that accompany the screams of the characters on the screen and their respective sound effects. This has never been the problem in games with Mario, nor has its gameplay, always measured to the millimeter at all levels. In this case, in addition, the cooperative options add a plus of intensity that can break couples and friendships forged for years, thanks to its intelligent game system, in which an unskilled / clever player can become the biggest obstacle when it comes to pass a level .

It is a shame that the novelties almost shine for their absence, which makes this game a little less stellar than it has always been. However, it cannot be ignored that it offers a huge number of levels and content, with bomb-proof gameplay , which will keep us hooked to our Switch for quite some time, especially if we want to get the three giant coins of each level. If at least Nintendo had wanted to try a little more ...