Night in the Woods - Recensione

Author: Alessandra Minuz
Date: 2020-07-30 22:18:46
When I discovered the existence of Night in the Woods, the Kickstarter campaign to finance it had long since ended and people had already complained several times of the continuous references that saw its release move from the initial January 2015 to February 2017 In short, I have not experienced the annoying and frustrating feeling from "this game will never come out" which seems to have accompanied the many players who were fascinated by this project. The years of waiting justified by the promise that they would have had a richer, more complete and finished in the smallest details hands raised the expectations of those who were waiting for the game, who could also get an idea of what would have been Night in the Woods thanks to the release of Longest Night and Lost Constellation, two supplemental games with the aim of introducing the player to the atmospheres and mechanics of the definitive game.

As I said, having discovered it relatively recently since its release, it is not my case: I ventured into the town of Possum Springs without expectations gained over time and basically almost unaware of what I would find. I can't say I was 100% disappointed, but without a doubt what greeted me was not what I had expected.

It's easy to understand why Night in the Woods quickly attracted the attention of so many players (just think in 2013 he managed to reach the goal of $ 50,000 on Kickstarter in just 26 hours, earning a total of 200,000), including my. The first thing that catches the eye is in fact the captivating graphic style that characterizes it and gives it a unique personality: clear contours that make all the elements seem almost like paper cutouts, simple, almost childish shapes, flat colors with autumn shades. And of course anthropomorphic animals. This aspect was undoubtedly decisive for Night in the Woods which, like many other indie games, stands out primarily because of its particular and decidedly winning graphics, the same adjectives that could also be used as regards the music that accompanies the adventure.

The soundtrack has an extremely fundamental role in this title, essentially because there is no dubbing of any kind and all the dialogues are presented exclusively in written form inside speech bubbles, accompanied by short sounds that follow the appearance of the letters on the screen . So the melodies composed by Alec Holowka, game designer and founder of the small Infinite Fall studio together with Scott Benson, are what the player hears almost all of the time. I incredibly appreciated all the tracks of the soundtrack, which change following the rhythms of the town of Possum Springs alternating music from carillon to decidedly more aggressive bass turns.

As I said at the beginning, I faced Night in the Woods almost unaware of what it would offer me. The "almost" is a must, because of course I went looking for some information on this game, having been so intrigued right away. Reading the synopsis of the plot of Night in the Woods, curiosity and interest increased further because I discovered that there would be a strong contrast between the appearance and the sounds, warm and comforting, and the story, from the melancholy premises and from what a development with mysterious and dark tones was heralded. The protagonist of the adventure is in fact the twenty year old Mae Borowski, who decides to leave college to return to her hometown, Possum Springs, after years of absence. Here, in addition to having to clash with the fact that things and people change with time, he will also have to deal with the indecipherable dreams that haunt his nights and a series of mysterious events that occur in the apparently quiet town.