Overcooked 2 - Review

Author: Marco "Uomoespo" Esposto
Date: 2020-03-03 05:29:02
Prepare rice rolls by throwing the ingredients and grabbing them on the fly. Strange, especially if you do it on board two hot air balloons in flames and in free fall, right? The crash leads to a Chinese restaurant, where the preparation of the dishes continues while everything is on fire. Imagine this scene with a colorful and pacioccone look and you will get Overcooked 2. The game, distributed and developed by Team17 (with one hand in the stoves of Ghost Town Games) is a version 2.0 of the previous title and re-mixes what was already seen by producing a new recipe, staying on topic. The first Overcooked was a good Margherita pizza, it had the simple flavor of the indie game with an interesting gimmick and perfect for games with friends. This is a very good Quattro Stagioni: the Margherita base remains, but there is also much more. After the culinary examples, what can be said about Overcooked 2?

First of all, King Onion returns, whose kingdom is invaded this time by spoiled food zombies and the only way to restore peace is by hitting the stove. So he decides to send his two best chefs around the world, to learn the techniques that will allow him to truly become number one. And the minibus to be driven back to the overworld divided into hexahedrons, with different worlds that become accessible only once all the levels of the areas that precede them are finished. Six in total, with six levels each, for a total of 36 standard scenarios, which are also joined by extra levels to unlock once enough stars are accumulated.

The aim of the game is simple and straightforward, identical to its predecessor: to complete customer requests, whether complex or not, in the fastest way possible. In fact, each level has a timer and the faster we finish a recipe, the sooner we can dedicate ourselves to the next, even if nothing prevents us from working on several dishes at the same time.

Obviously, as in the previous one, everything is very simple, you can leave a pasta unpainted for a long time on the plate and even seasoning it after several minutes it will be as if it were just served. Or throw meat and vegetables on the ground, picking them up and slicing them as if nothing had happened. The game has a wonderfully arcade soul, and leaves ample space for errors and inaccuracies, focusing on making you run like damned from one part of the kitchen to the other. The real delusion, and wanting the true beauty of the game, is unleashed by playing the main campaign in double, with a close friend or a relative. So it is possible to entrust the tasks live, perhaps shouting in the ears: "I cut the tomatoes, you prepare the pasta, then you run to fry the mushrooms while I combine the ingredients". Or: "Alarm dishes, wash them immediately while I take care of the oven that has caught fire."

It takes a moment to be wrong, cooking three pasta at the same time without dishes or condiments being ready, literally sending everything up. The blame process starts immediately, but most of the time the insults leave room for laughter for the disaster, and only the customers will laugh a little less.

In addition to the mistakes of the players, the settings also come into play to put the sticks in the wheels to the chefs, which are alive and quite spiteful, with the aforementioned hot air balloons that jump and the flames that block the passages, sliding tables that move the gimmicks from one end of the room to the other. And even furniture that takes flight if the kitchen is in an enchanted Harry Potter castle or that rotates on an exchange of tracks in an old mine, preventing the cooks from reaching the stove. This additional layer of madness makes the games even more difficult to keep at bay, increasing laughter and insults.

One of the shortcomings of the first episode is filled with this second iteration, as Overcooked 2 has an online multiplayer mode. There are no particular or exclusive flashes of this feature, which simply gives way to have fun running between the pots even with those who are not sitting by our side, but rather are on the opposite side of the planet. Advancing in the game and accumulating little stars then you can unlock new chefs, thus being able to customize your character with the look that suits you best.

The balance of the levels has improved, but don't think it is calibrated downwards. Trestelling the first game world is child's play, but already from the second things start to get complicated, making the perfectionists mad who don't want to continue the game until they see three stars in each level. The ratings and the multiplayer compartment make Overcooked 2 a fun and light title, perfect also for fast games, especially if played on Switch in portable mode.

I played Overcooked 2 on a PlayStation 4 Pro connected to a Philips 6000 32PFS6402 / 12, thanks to a code provided by the distributor of the game. I completed the main campaign, trying to get as many stars as possible and retrying each level at least a couple of times, in about 6 hours. I also tried several cooperative levels and some online games. The co-op sector with friends or online significantly expands the number of hours.