Overwatch - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 21:59:37
Overwatch has finally arrived, having been able to taste it for countless hours in its closed and open betas. The result is nothing more or less than expected: a frenetic and accessible, but brainy and profound team multiplayer action game. Blizzard was not lying when he stated that the content of the betas would be that of the final game.

Therefore, in the first hours in the Overwatch market, we have moved on well-known terrain in terms of content and possibilities: 21 characters available from the start, 12 scenarios, three game mode variants and hundreds of items to unlock. Figures that may not seem too high, but that are more than enough to hook us and achieve that much sought after effect of "one more and I stop playing". The key to all this is in the design of the title itself, built as if it were a cooperative game in which each of the characters is perfect for a specific circumstance, but inefficient for all the others.

This is the case of Reinhardt with his powered hammer and shield, perfect for protecting companions and getting closer to the enemy little by little. The same happens with Hanzo who, with his arrows, is not too skillful in close combat, but he is most damaging in the middle distance. We could continue highlighting that "something" that makes each of the 21 Overwatch characters special, however it is not the fact that each one of them is different, both in appearance and in abilities, which makes this title different, but how they complement each other. For example, Pharah is the only one of the cast who can fly, and Mercy the only one who can follow her on her flights, healing and empowering her until she becomes a mortal duo. The same would happen with Lucio and Reinhardt, and many other characters. That is precisely the key to Overwatch, the way in which the pieces of his puzzle match perfectly.

That feedback between the characters is what keeps Overwatch cool and fun, forcing us to learn each character's unique abilities and skills, and thereby accommodating different types of players. Because Overwatch is not only about shooting, but also about measuring the times, knowing how to take advantage of the verticality and recesses of the maps, tactically posing a defense or attack ... This makes it easier to feel satisfied with your performances in one more game beyond the casualties or deaths you have achieved at the end of each confrontation (which is also supported by the statistics, which do not compare between players, but intensively follow our performance). It may be worth it to you to have distracted the rivals during an attack from the rest of your teammates, or that you have been the one who has breached their defenses or, of course, the one who has made 'that' definitive attack that ended with four rivals in the most critical moment of the game.

It is that feeling that almost everyone can contribute something that almost always takes the games forward, adding a plus of emotion to some confrontations that have a tactical and playable depth far superior to that seen in other games of the genre. To some extent, Overwatch is a mix of the individuality of League of Legends characters, with mechanics reminiscent of FPS like Team Fortress, and the occasional differential touch that makes it unique.

Of course, in all this complicated equation the maps play a very important role, being a basic part of the function. They are only 12 to start (although Blizzard has confirmed that more will come for free, without saying when), being also created for each of the three existing game modes: Control, Escort and Attack, plus the mix of Escort modes and Attack. In the first, the 6 vs. 6 showdown revolves around dominance of a single area of the map, competing for the best of 3 rounds. In the second one team must accompany a vehicle through a series of controls and the other defend it, while in Attack the objective of one team is to defend two consecutive areas of the map, with the other team having the opposite objective. Each of these possibilities, which appear in the map rotation randomly if we play online, has three exclusive maps for that specific mode that are not recycled or reused to fatten the Overwatch figures.