Owlboy - Analysis

Author: Albert Manjón
Date: 2020-07-30 22:13:20
9 years. It is what took the development of great super productions like The Last Guardian, Too Human or Team Fortress II. Scarcely a year ago, the work of D-Pad Studio increased that list of games with everlasting developments. But Owlboy's delay did not stem from handshakes between studios, budget disruptions, or the eccentricities of egotistical characters who populate our industry.

Owlboy's development is a story of overcoming and difficulty . From overcoming the expectation generated by the already distant 2007 to deal with the different problems throughout its development. Andersen and company struggled hard in November 2016 to release their second job for PC.

And his DNA reflects exactly that feeling of overcoming and claiming. Owlboy is a story of outcasts. A story of characters who surrender, who absorb and appropriate the defeat that others pass on to them. But it is also a story of evolution and advancement . It is a story to dream and let yourself be carried across its floating islands and its open spaces. Owlboy is message in its purest form , it is a guide and a beacon for those who thought about giving up. It is an allegory of the progress of all those Otus who one day were about to throw in the towel, but never did.

Otus, that vulnerable owl, sad and constantly marginalized by his teacher, will be doomed to be the hero on duty . It will not be alone, it will have the rest of the outcasts that inhabit this aerial world. They will become your main weapon in this mixed genre adventure. Because one of Owlboy's unique points is his ability to show without typecasting . It is not a platform , but we will constantly find ourselves with phases and scenarios to overcome. It is not a metroidvania , but we can choose some deviations along the way, retrace our steps and some areas alone will be accessible once a certain skill is reached. It is not an adventure game to use, but many of its characters have the personality and the dialogues more typical of authors such as Terry Pratchett or Ron Gilbert . Best of all, this salad derives from an exquisite orchestra of flavors that allow you to maintain a perfect balance during the 8-10 hours of play.

One of the most surprising parts is the number of dialogues with Owlboy accounts, all of them in perfect Spanish. The characters have their own personality and characteristic , something rare in a 2D platform-style game, if we can classify it under a name. As the main axis of all the events of the game, the different scenes will narrate and transfer us from one mission to the other. Dungeons, enemies of different sizes and shapes, bosses, will be the elements that define a more than correct level design. We will not find two equal levels . In one we will have to fly, in another we will have to run because we will be under a waterfall and we will not be able to take off our wings. Against a boss we must run to escape, against another attack at point-blank range . If we have to find some but Owlboy is its limited difficulty that will not pose any challenge beyond advancing calmly through the different levels . True, it allows the player to simply enjoy themselves, but, without a doubt, a greater difficulty would have helped to emphasize and highlight the achievement of that constant redemption after its playable message.

And all this fueling the most enchanting live pixel art design . Both the settings and the characters are full of detail and feel completely alive. Pixel alive because everything has movement and the characters breathe a life of their own. It's still a pixelated presentation, but a world away from other recently released games for the Nintendo laptop like Dandara , The Longest 5 minutes or even Celeste .