Person 5 - Review

Author: Biagio "Shinx" Etna
Date: 2020-03-02 21:31:33
Anyone with a minimum of knowledge in the field of Japanese role-playing games will certainly know the genesis of Persona. Born as a spin-off of Shin Megami Tensei, a series that came in fits and starts here in the West, the Atlus title managed to stand out and finally detach itself from the mother saga, becoming an autonomous and extraordinarily appreciated franchise. Having freed himself from the title of that heavy legacy (at least in the western versions), Persona 5 once again strengthens his bursting personality, leaving behind the prefix Shin Megami Tensei and proving himself an authentic masterpiece in every respect. I don't like to use this appellation, on the contrary, I often find it redundant and used lightly, but never like this time is it absolutely perfect to describe the work done by the developers. Atlus has established a new arrival point for the entire JRPG genre and has done so starting from a well-tested play structure, bringing filings and enrichments, where possible, in order to obtain a deep, exciting and long-lasting game. And Persona 5 is all this, without a shadow of a doubt, and also something more. The game of Atlus, exactly like the preceding chapters, is a JRPG with strong social components, which accelerates the daily activities of a Japanese student, destined soon to live a double, shocking identity. The boy's daily routine alternates with recreational or study moments, indispensable for consolidating relationships with his adventure companions and increasing his affinity during fights. Which? Soon said ...

The protagonists of Persona 5, in fact, are able to distort reality and therefore enter into real parallel universes. Originated from the subconscious of "special" people, these places are teeming with demonic monstrosities, created in accordance with the traumas, memories and repressed desires of the subject in question.

In this way the developers have set up an absolutely crazy background: psychedelic, bizarre, hallucinated, each "Palace" is a small design jewel. Talking about the title without going through its extraordinary technical realization is practically impossible. Persona 5 makes eccentric and scratchy style an integral part of the whole experience. But we will have the opportunity to speak calmly about this too.

Regarding the playability, the sense of growth, progression and knowledge of their teammates is measured with rare skill, starting from basic notions and stereotyped characters, to get to a level of depth and introspection of the protagonists absolutely valuable. To avoid unpleasant spoilers, I do not go into the complex stratification of the story: just know that Persona 5 is able to keep the attention awake throughout the adventure, with intriguing narrative inventions and a never boring game structure, which it encourages exploration and reading of all the material that the developers have created for us.

Going back to the various dungeons, a distinction should be made. The basic levels of the game are created ad hoc, built around the distorted psychology of the "bad guy". Later on, however, it is possible to face a sort of mental sea, a primordial soup that exploits the random generation of levels to allow us to overcome the numerous sub-quests. One of my very personal worries related to the level of difficulty, but also in this case, Persona 5 was able to reassure me great.