PlanetSide 2 - Analysis

Author: Juanma Castillo
Date: 2021-02-01 18:15:55
PlanetSide was a title from Sony Online Entertainment that positioned itself really well in a fledgling genre with that of massive battles on persistent servers, what we now know as MMOFPS. The features it offered: several classes to choose from in the purest style of the multiplayer modes of the most popular FPS, with the addition of the use of vehicles, some of them in cooperative mode (various positions within a vehicle to distribute among friends) are enhanced in this spectacular new installment: PlanetSide 2.

The truth is that the beta has been long and we have been able to play it for a long time, so this analysis seems simple. But we are going to specify each of the aspects of this PlanetSide 2 so that those who have not tried it or are in doubt, do so. Anyway, it's free-to-play, right? What does it cost to keep an eye on it?

To begin with and as I already mentioned , the playable proposal of PlanetSide 2 can be summarized in a simple way: A first-person cooperative action title on massive maps where battalions or brigades must conquer areas, bases, bridges and maintain their control against the two other factions at stake. For this, we have a character that can initially play with several optional roles: Light Assault, Engineer, Combat Medic, Infiltrator, Heavy Assault and Max.

The infantry or Light Assault uses normal assault weapons (an assault rifle and a pistol initially) and has a jetpack that allows it to jump more than the rest of the units, the Engineer is able to place turrets and repair vehicles, in addition to supplying ammunition to his companions, the combat medic can obviously heal but also resurrect directly in the front and the Infiltrator is a kind of sniper who starts with a weapon with a telescopic sight, he is able to use a concealment system for a short period of time and detect hidden enemies. The Heavy Assault uses a high cadence primary weapon, a pistol, and a kind of RPG, perfect for vehicles. The MAX is an option only available during the game that is a kind of exoskeleton that allows the user to go as that much calmer on the stage.

This is what I describe to you initially, because our character is able to level up with experience and acquire both improvements (called enhancers) and new weapons with which to configure different Arsenals that are combinations of those to use at all times. At the same time, these weapons can be improved and we can also specialize in some and place modifications on them through so-called certificates.

As you can see, the possibilities of evolution and specialization, as well as the variety of our character are very high. But do not expect it to look much, because visually we can only select its gender and three different faces that we will never see because they all wear a helmet. In that sense, very poor, in the rest, a pass.

Of course, we will also have to choose which of the three factions to join and also the game server. As of today, I must confess that the servers are all overflowing, but of course, we are at the launch ... and there is a lot of hype!

The three factions are quite well differentiated, especially in the type of weapons and vehicles, which we will enter later. For now, you know that there are three: Vanu Sovereignty, whose lore places them under the wing of transhumanism and science, devoted to technology and, above all, to taking advantage of alien technical resources, which is noticeable in their devices.

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