Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 - Review

Author: Mattia "Zave" Ravanelli
Date: 2020-07-30 17:48:30
A hat-trick as if nothing had happened to Messi, the Paris Saint-Germain that redefines the concept of the transfer market, the Manchester City of Guardiola who regulates Liverpool at the beginning of September and Real Madrid who discovers that he has yet another phenomenon at home, Marco Asensio. There is the football of the giants, the European football that shines with a thousand stars arrived from every country, the myth of the most beautiful game in the world designed by the British, refined everywhere and, as someone said, always won by the Germans. Then, however, there is also the other football. What ideally contrasts the almighty sequins of the Champions League with the rough and squared essence of the Europa League. Who does not feed on super athletes destined to dominate the social-sphere and the votes of France Football, but also of the traders who sweat and swear and run under a curve that feels the weight of the years.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is all this, the yin and yang of the ball. More unwilling than willing, Konami has made a virtue of necessity in recent years. Having ascertained the difficulties in affecting the dominance of FIFA in the sales rankings, a position that is far from surprising, moreover, the Japanese group has tried to go elsewhere. If Europe is the headquarters of Electronic Arts football, the jewel forged by the team led by Yoshikatsu Ogihara has shifted its focus to South America. Taking stock of licenses, including Chilean championships and Brazilian champions. A different kind of football, which tends to interest us a little less. Also because, hold on tight, the tremendous adventure of the PES licensing office this year returns to tell of the absence of Juventus among the teams in our Serie A. Just to say one (here you can find the whole situation, instead).

But the other football that PES 2018 manages to tell and transmit perfectly is also that of the lower series. Because where the absolute talent has not yet blossomed or is not available for turnover, it is necessary to be satisfied with something else. Of an intense, angular kick, made up of elbows and mistakes, miracles of the last minute grabbed throwing heart, spleen and lungs over the obstacle and tremendous embarked. Because PES 2018 is first of all a digital ball machine that Konami has enhanced by reviewing its main mechanisms and offering fans what is, by far, the best chapter in the recent history of the series. Where "recent history" refers to what started again in 2014, with the adoption of the Fox Engine and the total revival after the dark years of the previous generation.

So it happens to play and play and play and to fall in love with simulated sport continuously, even before simulation. Because PES 2018 manages in an unprecedented and more precise and reliable way than ever to bring dynamism, variety and above all the freedom to create football on the home TV. One of the most exciting moments of my days spent with the definitive version of the Konami game is linked to the first round of the Coppa d'Italia (TIM Cup? Not in these parts), played by guiding my version of the Benevento Master Championship (series B) , against a SPAL just returned to limestone the fields of A.

I lost, but it was one of those defeats that make you understand how far you can go and what your kids are capable of (or your controller, or maybe you as a gamer). Everything was decided in the first leg, at their home: my Giallorossi damaged their soul and played the best of the matches they had played so far. They do not have the precision, the choral movement or the effectiveness of a great team accustomed to winning, but they eat grass and exude determination. It is a football that is at times ugly and clumsy, but it is because the values on the field are what they are and PES 2018, rightly, manages to mix the ability of those who play with the limits of cold numbers. It modulates its excellent artificial intelligence to make my Coutinho (not that, another) incapable of Icardi's cuts in the middle of the area or central defender Eriksen more imprecise in raising the offside line.

Yet in PES 2018 nothing really is missing to create your own football stories. I lose the first leg 4 to 0, after having given everything, so much wrong and (also) immediately the inability of the referee to whistle half a foul that was half. The SPAL, from the top of its rose of other caliber, skewers my Benevento like a bullfighter would do with the poor bull: precise and cruel. On the way back, everything will be different, I tell myself. Things start very well, with immediately a network of mine and the fifty thousand that fill the stadium invented with a healthy plan by some Japanese designer to believe it, to believe it very strong. But then SPAL manages spaces and times. He puts the game to sleep and despite our good will we only manage to deposit a second, miserable and trembling ball at the back of the net. At that point the clock has already passed the 80th minute and fate has been accomplished. But I played well, we played well: the others perhaps deserved, but we did some decent football.