Project CARS 2 - Review

Author: Felice Di Giuseppe
Date: 2021-01-26 10:23:45
Building a car is not a science, but an art, and the emotions that are felt with the passion that moves the world of racing and, more generally, that of four wheels cannot be explained in words. Like all other passions, after all, the adrenaline that flows in the veins of those who downshift to start overtaking or the thrill that boils at the sound of the first closing of the door of a new car are part of a range. of sensations that few are able to fully appreciate and understand.

The developers of racing games are tireless witnesses of this religious passion, in particular those belonging to the simulation sub-genre, which for some years now has been experiencing a new period of absolute splendor even on consoles. Speaking of the Xbox One exclusives, it is very easy and frequent to hear the complaints of those who exclaim with disdain "yes nice Come on, but it's the same story every year". But no, it is not the same story because it is each time a story that tells different emotions, and those of the guys at Turn10 Studios, for example, are clear and genuine. Just take a look at any of the Forza Motorsport introductory movies to understand.

But today we celebrate another story, that of Slightly Mad Studios and the hundreds of players and professionals who have created the most refined and complete simulation driving game ever to arrive on consoles: Project CARS 2. Because with over 180 racing cars from the best houses cars from all over the world, 140 tracks set in 60 different environments and a very wide spectrum of categories, ranging from karting to GT disciplines, Project CARS 2 is exactly the Ultimate Driver Journey praised by the marketing campaign developed by Bandai Namco.

The cornerstones of this automotive splendor are three: realism, competition and fidelity to the meteorological and environmental conditions of the tracks. But let's proceed step by step. First point, realism: as I anticipated, Project CARS 2 faithfully reproduces more than 180 vehicles and does so by offering a visual and technical rendering that on PC translates into futuristic support for 12K resolution and virtual reality, while on console it reaches 1440p on PS4 Pro (and we will find out over time if it will arrive at native 4K on Xbox One X). We already know, however, that it sports the largest and most varied list of tracks ever and a control system with an acceptable pad for the level of simulation proposed.

Second point, the competition: in Project CARS 2 the fire of the most coveted and complicated challenges of car racing boils, with a spirit tending towards eSport and extreme simulation. There is also a lot of fun, of course, but it comes exclusively from the combination of sweat and painstaking study of the situations proposed by the track and the available classes. They range from the most classic motorsport categories to the unpublished rallycross and IndyCar categories, for an unprecedented variety.

Third point, the fidelity of the conditions: thanks to the LiveTrack 3.0 system, the game adapts excellently to the surfaces of the road, dynamically and without indecision passing the reproduction of the driving feeling on asphalt to that of the most stormy situations on dirt, with the absolute novelty of driving on ice. Added to this is a weather system complete with a complete day / night cycle, for a dynamic and precise reproduction of any type of weather condition.

All this translates into an exquisitely realistic driving system, able to return indescribable sensations steering wheel in hand and a little less entrancing with the controller. From the very first beats of the game it is clear that playing Project CARS 2 with a Dualshock 4, for example, is limiting not only in terms of feeling, but also of possibilities: the flavor changes totally when you have the possibility to tackle a curve armed with steering wheel, because the reaction of the car is so natural as to make the experience simply unique and enveloping, while acting on the analogs at times it almost seems to be skating in search of the right angle to respond well to the steering.