Pyre - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 23:40:28
Supergiant Games follow with Pyre the trail of renewal and rediscovery that began with Bastion and continued later with Transistor. That is, to use familiar concepts and give them a twist to turn them into something fresh. This time they surprise us with a mixture of the most peculiar between the visual novels in the purest style of the books of Choose Your Own Adventure, the RPG and a kind of sport halfway between handball and fantasy. A somewhat unique recipe, right?

The argument is easy to follow, but it is complicated by a thousand and one watermarks . It is as simple as we are 'The Reader', a person abandons our fate in an area of exile for criminals, far from the Commonwealth. On the brink of death, a peculiar trio rescues us and becomes their guide for the rites, a series of tests that almost seem like a sport and that are the only way to get out of that barren land, to return to civilization. We will talk to them and get to know them little by little, we will make decisions regarding the journey we started and we will also meet lots of secondary characters who may or may not join our group. This conversational part is shown with static scenes and is presided over by a series of decisions that go from trivial to relevant , and that affect the rest of the adventure.

The good spinning of the situations, the credibility of the characters and the natural of each one of the vicissitudes we live through is a good part of the magic of Pyre, which ends up being our story, and that of no one else, when we advance in his campaign. That is when the new Supergiant shows what it is capable of, when it makes us feel morally and / or emotionally compromised when we have to choose between one or the other game option (and we will not go into detail to avoid releasing any spoilers). The pity is that the game arrives entirely in English , which can draw back many players, and tire many others, in an adventure in which we will spend a long, long time reading text after text.

The other part of Pyre is the Rites, a series of games in real time in which three of our characters must take the magic orb at stake, and put it on the rival's pyre. The orb can be passed, each character has its own characteristics of speed, size and score when reaching the pyre (in a similar way to what we have seen in the last MOBAs), etc ... A kind of mix between handball and the fantasy that is intuitive and deep enough not to bore the first change. In addition, linked to this part of Pyre is the rolero system, since by beating the different teams we will gain experience, which will allow us to unlock new skills for the characters we have used in said rite. Of course, layers of sophistication are added by including the possibility that 'that' character that we use so often leaves the team, there is a clear differentiation between each of the teams and certain conditions of each game are altered to reinvent each of the rites that we found in Pyre.

This part of Pyre ends up being so interesting that the boys from Supergiant Games have decided to include it separately from the start menu , with the possibility of two players participating in the rites, simply for the fun of fighting in this part of the game. Program. The mode is calculated to the millimeter, and there are a wide variety of possibilities to combine, also gaining in sophistication the further we advance in the history of Pyre. They may not be the end in terms of addiction, but they complement the rest of the proposal, making the long dialogues alternate with these more intense moments, the interesting artistic facet of the game and the importance of the decisions we make, for become a memorable experience .

The story clicks, the fantastic setting (which Supergiant describes as a mix of elements from Dr. Seuss and HP Lovecraft) is correct and surprising, despite being too static in the narrative parts, and the Rites offer the mix fair between sporting event and RPG to keep cool even when the game hours are up. As if all this were not enough, the soundtrack is once again a key part of the Supergiant Games equation (go phenomena Darren Korb, its author), although it does not take the starring role it had in Bastion. This series of sound compositions adjusts to the universe like a finger ring, getting us even more into this peculiar universe.

Keep in mind that Pyre is not a game easily tasted by the 'normal' public , since it proposes us to read (and only in English) rather than play, while we make decisions and, occasionally, we participate in the rites. However, he knows how to be unique and different from almost everything, without inventing anything, and without forgetting to keep while maintaining the hallmarks of the studio and this peculiar production.