Rayman Fiesta Run - Review

Author: Lorenzo Antonelli
Date: 2021-01-26 15:20:44
For a better review at the service of the consumer, stop reading the following text here and catapult yourself to the bottom of the page, to look directly at the vote at the bottom: Rayman Fiesta Run, as before, more than before, is beautiful.

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Joking, here's the review.

Just like Rayman Jungle Run (of which, some time ago, you will certainly have read our review), the new autorunner based on French aubergines is a superlative video game, suitable for players of all ages (even the grandfather could play it), perfectly calibrated for a fruition to say the least "diabolical", apparently disengaged, but perfectly capable of generating unhealthy addiction. Its irresistible gameplay, in fact, can be tamed even with just one finger (better, however, to have at least one pair), it does not require a precise "physical" position (excellent to play even in zero gravity or during one's own needs) and at first sight it would seem ideal for a hyperactive little boy or a curious little monkey.

In addition to the brand new and colorful seventy-five levels (a much more conspicuous number than that of Jungle Run), there are also new paintings in which to whiz on the water, miniaturizing funnels, a cast of strange characters to be experimented on the field and above all much larger stages, complex and challenging than in the past (there are also expressly dedicated to the most skilled players). Beyond the immediacy and the fun, the real aim of the game is the most brutal: to collect all 100 Lums and 4 Teens scattered in each level. To do this, it will be necessary to learn practically each stage by heart, "studying empirically" - and repeatedly failing - the arrangement of all its obstacles and the stunts necessary to reach the most difficult points, bonuses and secrets. Basically, as many taps on the screen as retry in the grip of 100% gaming madness.

Given the infectious fun involved, in Rayman Fiesta Run the proverbial phrase "I'll make the last game (and then I'll stop)" doesn't exist at all! It is very likely that your iPad or iPhone will "get tired" before you, that all afternoon you will be running, jumping, punching and kicking. The attention to the level design, its essential yet magnetic gameplay (the formula is always the stress: convulsive / manic trial & error) and the technical and artistic work carried out by Pasta Games with the Ubi-Art Framework settle at the maximum vertices. Authentic video game art in lightning motion, a feast for the eyes.

A separate (mini) chapter of this (mini) review should be reserved for in-app purchases: ignore them, they are stuff for mollaccioni. Rather than paying for help, go for it with more timing and focus.

Lorenzo Antonelli (Editor of IGN Italia) does not consider himself a huge fan of Ubisoft's eggplant but… hey, this is art! Talk to him on Twitter!