Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition - Recensione

Author: Felice Di Giuseppe
Date: 2020-03-02 22:26:58
How beautiful Rayman Legends is. We established it four years ago when it was released on Nintendo Wii U, the original version designed exclusively for the unfortunate platform of the Kyoto company. We reiterated this shortly after, when it arrived on the equally unfortunate PlayStation Vita. We remembered it the following year, coinciding with the release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

And then, since we are here, we subscribe once again today, on the day of arrival on Nintendo Switch: Rayman Legends is one of the most beautiful platforms in recent years, perhaps among the most beautiful ever, considering also how much this genre is ended up on the back burner after dictating the law over the past generations.

Starting from this basis, it remains impossible not to recommend the purchase of the game in any of its versions, because regardless of the platform on which it runs, Rayman Legends is a platformer, one of those to be devoured in consistent beautiful bites and then return to savor them and sprinkle them to the bone, or rather, to the last collectible.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to play it, you must absolutely remedy this sin: go to the store and buy it a little where you like. If you have the opportunity to do it on Nintendo Switch, all the better, because first of all the only version that can glorify it in 4K is the PC version, while all the other new generation proposals stop at 1080p and 60fps. This also applies to the Definitive Edition for Switch proposed at the price of € 39.99, double the amount with which you could take home the versions for PS4 and Xbox One today, but which do not include a fundamental factor: play "where, when and with whoever you want ".

Because on balance, to be honest, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition is not so definitive, because the contents included in the game card (or in the download, well live the digital delivery!) For Switch are basically always the same, wanting to exclude the tasty Kung Foot Tournament mode for up to four players via local wireless. That's right, it's really just that the only truly exclusive bonus of this new edition, because for the rest we are facing the same, literally exaggerated amount of content of the game released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014, with the addition, of course , the portable mode on the fantastic 6-inch screen that characterizes the console. And if you please.

It is not at all little, now we have reiterated it to exhaustion and we would like all games to come out also for Nintendo Switch. You want to put the comfort of lying there on the sofa to enjoy the graphics in Full HD, perhaps even more comfortably with the separate Joy-Con, and switch to the portable version in an instant to complete some level in bed while you sleep.

It is a game philosophy too much more comfortable and enjoyable, that of the hybrid console of Nintendo, not to take it into consideration. Especially bearing in mind that, visually speaking, on the Switch Rayman Legends screen it doesn't look bad at all, quite the opposite. It is really a great sight and personally, not being able to get our hands on the version shot in 4K, I would prefer it to any other type of use. Which was also a little bit the advantage of the PlayStation Vita version, if you think about it. With a small difference, however: on Switch Murphy continues to be called into action with a button despite the presence of a touch screen, exactly as happens on PS4 and Xbox One. The bonus levels, however, have been reserved the possibility to control it with a touch, as happened in the original version for Nintendo Wii U.

I played Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition thanks to a download code from the Nintendo Switch eShop made available by Ubisoft Italy. Having completed the game in both Wii U and Xbox One versions, my test took place in two sessions of about two hours each, which made it clear to me easily and without too much trouble the scope of the additions and the technical goodness of the game . I preferred to play in portable mode, limiting the use of the TV to an abundant hour.