Rayman Origins in the test - innovation in a classic way

Author: Daniel Matschijewsky
Date: 2012-03-30 16:20:00
Finally the PC version in the test: after almost ten years of absence, the armless and legless bouncer returns to Rayman Origins. And Ubisoft delivers a classic as well as incredibly lovingly made Jump & Run.

Rayman Origins lives up to its name. Because if you thought that the times of great heroism were long history for Rayman, you were very wrong. Even if he has been content with small guest roles with the Raving Rabbids in recent years, he has never been able to give up the adventurous life entirely.

And so the hero with no arms or legs finally returns to his usual life to tell us about his very first adventure in the Jump & Run Rayman Origins. Together with his best friend Globox and two small dogs, we are going on a brilliant journey into the world of the Lums.

New old feel

It couldn't be more classic: As in the first Rayman game 17 years ago, you have to run, jump, hit - in 2D from left to right. On the never-ending mission to save well-proportioned magical fairies from the Darktoons, we take down the cuddliest opponents you can imagine.

In the windy desert, for example, we knock grumpy cartoon birds on the beak, while crazy-looking piranhas snap at us in the ice-cold world of fruit punch. How good that Rayman is equipped with a few powerful hands and feet. The well-known helicopter hair, with which he glides over abysses and even flies on air currents, is enthroned on his head again this time.

However, Ubisoft has also given the jump-in field a few new skills. Rayman can now sprint at the push of a button, which makes the whole thing a lot faster and more dynamic. And since he can now dive too, the game takes us every now and then into beautiful underwater worlds.

Right, left, up, down

The developers use the new skills to build lots of varied, cleverly designed challenges. The usual from-left-to-right run can turn into a rapid slide, a humid dive in the midst of poisonous corals or a dizzying high-altitude flight.

And then there is the mosquito. In the original Rayman game, the first boss opponent, we now regularly hop on the back of the purple journeyman and shoot our way through exciting flight passages.

The level of difficulty, which is geared towards beginners and casual gamers, often exceeds the level of what is reasonable, especially towards the end. Some sections can only be created by endless repetition and memorization, which quickly becomes frustrating. After all, Ubisoft has distributed the automatic save points fairly in most cases, so that we only have to tackle short sections of the level again after a failure.

Chaotic team

Very humorous: For those who don't like to spend the game evening alone, Rayman Origins provides a co-op mode in which up to four players can get on and off as they like. Cool: if one of the participants should ever give up the virtual spoon, his buddies can revive him as often as they want.

On the one hand this is practical because it makes it easier to overcome tricky areas, on the other hand it makes some sections almost too easy, despite the sometimes poor overview. In addition, Ubisoft has not fully exhausted the idea of co-op: puzzles or jump passages that are tailored to the clever interaction of all participants are completely missing.

However, this is criticism at a high level, because on the one hand solo players must be able to master the levels without help. On the other hand, it is a lot of fun, even without complex puzzles, to hop around in a group of four, collect extras, track down secrets or take revenge for an extra life that has been snatched away.

Detailed & loving

So many cool ideas are in the game, so Ubisoft knows how to present them. Rayman Origins looks downright intoxicatingly good. The variety of colors, combined with the lovingly hand-drawn comic style and the funny character animations should make every gamer's heart beat faster.

The levels are so detailed, varied and filled with so many creative ideas that you never get bored. The sound is in no way inferior to the successful graphics: When a swarm of colorful fish strikes a song underwater, it inevitably puts a smile on our face. In addition, Rayman Origins knows how to awaken pleasant memories of times gone by in us. For example, individual sections refer to milestones such as Pacman or Space Invaders , where we have to kill birds that work their way down row by row in the grid - great!