Red Dead Redemption 2 - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-03-02 20:59:52
There are games that mark a generation and feel like a chair for everything that comes next. Rockstar, with the Houser brothers in front, are also specialists in creating this type of titles, especially since they decided to lower the foot of the accelerator and start working on their works with the calm and serenity necessary to shape great masterpieces . This tranquility was what allowed the conglomerate of studies of the Red Dead Redemption 2 modeling brand, an ode to a lost era, that of the cowboys of the American West.

They were also lucky to know that it was already raining wet, since both the first Red Dead Redemption, and GTA V, were evolving the formula of the open worlds alive and full of details until almost reaching its perfection. That is why, when the title came out at the end of 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, it did not surprise anyone that it was a super success at all levels , bordering on stratospheric levels in terms of technical finishing, graphic excellence, detail in the world ... A real delight that PC users have spent months wishing hard ... Until now.

The good news also comes on several fronts. The first is that, although it takes a little over a year with respect to the original release, it shortens the deadlines in this type of series between its launch on consoles and PCs - for example RDR never came out on a computer, and GTA V took 2 years - . The second is that it not only maintains the very high production values already held by the title , but also steps on the accelerator to take advantage of the extra octane of the most powerful computers, adding an extra layer of sheet metal and paint, if your machine does lets ... Because the first thing you have to know is that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a very demanding title with your PC.

If you fully meet the minimum and recommended requirements, then you can raise the values to the maximum and enjoy an expanded visual show, which is made visible from the initial scenes of the title. You only need to see the physics and detail of the snow between our feet or our colleagues to know that Rockstar has really been serious about improving what seemed unbeatable. But they have not been satisfied with that, and it is evident the extension of possibilities almost at every moment: the environmental occlusion completely changes the atmosphere of each situation , there are new more detailed textures for the clothes, fur of the animals or, even, for the soil and bark of trees, the lights and (especially) the shadows are much more detailed ...

If you are a sybarite of graphic virtuosity, with the version of Red Dead Redemption 2 of PC you will have a stendhalazo of ordago, because it makes what was already tremendously beautiful, with resolutions at 4K already on console, now it looks absolutely stunning. All this, in addition, with the possibility of raising the rate of images per second to 60fps , adding a plus of fluidity to the movements of our cowboy almost every moment, until making the gallop of our horse becomes a kind of ballet that is almost confused with reality.

It is true that it does not modify at all the proposal of the Rockstar game of a year ago, respecting almost all playable possibilities of Red Dead Redemption 2 . That is, the missions continue to develop the same, the shootings are the same, the skills of Arthur Morgan are maintained ... It is true that as it is an open world so free we can interpret how we want our adventure but, after all, the missions they remain the same in all versions, and the proposal revolves around a leisurely narrative style, in which the observation of the places and the conversations between the protagonists have as much weight as the most frantic moments of persecution. If you have this in mind, but still want to jump on the Red Dead Redemption 2 tracks, for that. You will have a majestic experience .

It is true that in the first weeks of the game's life certain bugs and incompatibilities have appeared, but Rockstar promises that he is working hard on it, with the aim of eliminating all these instabilities from the code to be able to offer the best possible experience to the game that more round has come out so far - which is a lot to say.

They have even allowed themselves the luxury of adding a few novelties to the equation , although it is nothing especially remarkable. Perhaps most relevant is the fact that RDR 2 has arrived with Red Dead Online included and updated to place it at the same height as the console versions, promising that future events and updates will reach all versions at the same time. It is also not negligible to include a photo mode that, by the way, is exclusive to PC players, at least for now. This added possibility marries perfectly with the newly released technical virtuosity for this version of the Rockstar game and will allow us to take wonderful snapshots of the most interesting places, or be able to look at the details more closely than ever. If you are one of those who like this possibility, you will delight yourself to the full with this little gem that is somewhat limited, but it is not negligible. Finally, a series of new missions of Bounty Hunters, horses and smaller objects have been added that, although they do not change the RDR2 metagame at all, it does show the care that Rockstar wanted to print to this version of the title.

And the adaptation of the controls to the keyboard and mouse has not even been neglected, being as comfortable to play with control as with the traditional PC inputs. Up to that level Rockstar's love has reached the version of the game on this platform. The perfect game? Maybe, but in its current state, with certain bugs and instabilities, it is not just 'la creme de la creme', although it is very close to the work of the developer when it comes to demonstrating that this is more than a simple port, providing new content (although few) and an extra visual level, which places it above almost anything we have seen or played (although it requires an ultra-powerful machine for it).