Resident Evil 2 Remake - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-03-02 23:10:34
20 years contemplate Resident Evil 2, one of the masterpieces of terror, which ended up picking up the combo formed by Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya, and the titles that we now classify as Survival Horror. That is why remaking that title was a task that could not be taken lightly, especially after Capcom's excellent work in reviving the franchise, with Resident Evil VII. Therefore, the best news we could give at this point is that Resident Evil 2 Remake lives up to the circumstances and, in addition, does not settle for being a simple graphic face wash, just as we expected (and wanted).

Undoubtedly, the visual reimagining of Resident Evil 2 is more than meritorious , at almost all levels. The scenarios are full of details, the models of characters and enemies enjoy a very high quality and have all kinds of animations - without skimping on dismemberment and gore on the road - the graphic effects are stellar - especially in terms of lights and shadows - and, to further improve the equation, the rate of images per second does not suffer in the least, even if there are several enemies on the screen, with a high graphic load. In short, it is a title more than worthy for this generation of consoles, which is also reinvented at many levels to continue to live up to the times.

The most obvious 'reinvention' is the camera , which happens to be behind the shoulder at all times, allowing us to see what we have almost always ahead of us. It is a modern, but successful, approach that makes life easier for us in moments of action. It is true that on some occasion it may be uncomfortable, especially in the narrowest scenarios, but we can say that it works, even when what the game wants is to get nervous and give us a substitute (that of those there are quite, both pre writings, as emerged organically). The pace of the game changes somewhat, moving more towards the action than before, but this does not make this Resident Evil 2 a festival of shooting without limit.

Because the next good news is that we are still facing a great survival horror , of those in which ammunition is scarce when it touches, and in which each shot counts. The zombies are hard, and we will find ourselves quite often trying to survive without ammunition / first aid kits, while we go through the police station or the stage that it touches, until we reach our goal ... That in many occasions it will be a puzzle. That is another of the touches of Resident Evil 2 that denote the maximum respect for the original work, the appropriate mix between the shots, the tense exploration and the resolution of puzzles , often mixing these three parts of the gameplay to create a cocktail Even more explosive and intense.

Of course, for this to happen, the plot and the scenarios must also be at a high level. And it seems that Capcom has achieved it, in some cases better than in others. The first big stage, that of the mythical police station , is a kind of maze with a lot of backtracking and lots of hidden secrets. Renew the scheme of the traditional game, when the charges between rooms disappear (although some sporadic small pull we will find when loading new parts of the map 'on the fly'), making everything much more continuous, to the point that zombies are now able to open doors and chase us even if we change our stay.

The other scenarios are somewhat more linear, with regard to maps, we find a situation similar to that of Resident Evil VII, in which the initial house worked like a charm, but then the level dropped somewhat. Here at least the adventurous spirit is maintained for the entire duration of the adventures of the two characters, Claire and Leon, without abusing the action at any time. As we see, small hits, with a rather minor importance, given the good work of Capcom at almost all levels with this remake of Resident Evil 2.

The next good news is that, as was vox populi already, the stories of Leon and Claire remain independent from the initial menu, being able to start any of the two when we want, and with the level of difficulty we want (at the normal level things They are complicated, but there are concessions, such as saving games as many times as we want, without typewriter tapes.) In this way, we have two parallel and accessory campaigns, in which the history of one complements that of the other in a masterful way. However, we must bear in mind that various details of the story have been changed, perhaps to adapt it to the most modern canons. Perhaps this is the most controversial point, but the result does not catch up. Even in spite of this, Resident Evil 2 remake still lives up to the original, and also adds an extra dose of drama. The fact that it has two campaigns makes the duration of this remake more than acceptable, leaving it above 12 hours, with a handful of subsequent extras (here it is worth remembering that the original game could be completely finished in less than 10 hours)

On the next page we talk more in depth about the changes in the gameplay of Resident Evil 2 Remake.