Rez Infinite - Analysis

Author: Victor Sánchez
Date: 2020-03-03 00:04:40
There is a time when every human being reaches its peak. For Tetsuya Mizuguchi that moment was the year 2001, when he went from being the promising artist behind the popular SEGA Rally or from the never-remembered Space Channel 5, to be the guy who created Rez. Mizuguchi tried to overcome his own legend, with really fun games like Lumines! or 99 Nights. But over him there was always the shadow of having hit a ceiling very early in his career, when he presented that groundbreaking and innovative thing for Dreamcast just at the turn of the millennium.

Well, it is not fair to point out that Mizuguchi reached his climax as a videogame designer with Rez and then never again lived up to it. It would be cruel and quite false. What he did, and did well, was to evolve this work, always taking it a little further. He first introduced the Trance Vibrator in the PlayStation 2 edition, bringing the experience to total synesthesia. Then, he raised the experience to a greater definition, in its launch on Xbox 360 and, finally, although in the form of a sequel and with less draft, he managed to turn the gameplay into something different by passing his concepts through Kinect with Children of Eden . And, oddly enough, it always seemed that the game was born for the new regeneration: it gave the impression of being thought to take you to an orgasm, to look better, to break with the control of a lifetime ... Just like now, with no place to doubts, it seems that he was always dreamed for virtual reality . It seems silly, but in this sense, looking back makes us increasingly confident that Mizuguchi knew how to see the future at all times. He created the game that always, absolutely always, is equally groundbreaking with any of its mutations. It is always at the top and, we know, it always will be, come the technology that comes.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, if there is a game that is terribly necessary in the PlayStation VR neo-catalog that is, without a doubt, Rez Infinite . The experience of this synesthetic game that involves a journey through the senses of complete abstraction is, without a doubt, the fullest we have lived since Sony put the viewfinder in front of our noses. Unlike other games, Rez Infinite does not play to make us believe that we are there . What he does is tell us: you are going to feel this now and that is going to completely take you away from any other thought. Now your life is going to be rhythm and color. And you will not get dizzy, you will not feel that the glasses are more comfortable or less comfortable. All he will do is reward you with an experience that will make you freak out, never better, in colors.

Of course, everything has been redesigned for the return of Mizuguchi's work to a Sony console: we will no longer have to aim only with the control sticks. Now we can do it with synchronized movements of the head (although surely if someone sees you thinking they will think that you are cuckoo). And, if you want more sensations, you can also control it with the movement of the move controls. You can play free and infinite modes, classic levels ... You will face the usual enemies, those incredible and rhythmic final bosses. And you will do it like never before. Rez Infinite part of the game that already has three decades, but goes further, with Area X, which leaves behind the limitations of an HD adaptation to take advantage of PS4 hardware with more particles, colors, shapes and enemies again, in a succession ad infinitum of shootings in which we can even control the movement of our protagonist (something we cannot do in the original game).

This is also not the only extra for those who exceed the 5 phases of the original game, but also will unlock various specific game modes , intended to add replay to this peculiar and synesthetic game. It is true that the harmony of the entire production will be what drives us to play and replay the levels, regardless of the whys, but it is always good to give a meaning to the matter, beyond the 'game because yes'.

Ok, we know that the game is short, that visually the remastering limps somewhat (not so much the Area X, which you see on these lines), and that it could have taken a new twist to the original concept. The question is, does Rez Infinite need all that to be the best PlayStation VR game? No, you do not need it, and it is also a highly recommended experience if we do not have the Sony virtual reality headset, since it includes a TV game mode that transforms it into the command game that we all enjoy at the time.