Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th Anniversary - Review

Author: Albert Manjón
Date: 2020-07-30 22:58:59
Virtually 20 years have passed since that October 25, 1996, the day the first installment of a saga that over the years has suffered all kinds of ups and downs saw the light of day.

Three first sublime installments , which allowed Lara to overcome the barriers of the video game. Despite this, Toby Guard , the father of the creature, had in mind a male character similar to Indiana Jones. Obviously, the idea was rejected and, seeing that his companions preferred the female characters of Virtua Fighter , he decided to create Lara Croft. Name that was not the first option either, and that arose as a result of giving the name Laura Cruz a more English, more British touch, Lara's homeland.

Such was the success and relevance as a social phenomenon, that Lara was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the " The most successful human heroine in the history of video games ". An innovative formula for the time, with fully 3D environments where action, exploration and demanding platforms were mixed in scenarios of considerable dimensions for what we were used to in 1996. This golden age exalted Lara in such a way that it surpassed the borders of the video game to become the icon of a generation and, possibly, the video game character with more weight and influence of the last two decades.

Subsequently, the saga fell into more than a decade of apathy, of lethargy, with up to seven different installments and a change of hands between Core Design and Crystal Dynamics . There were troubled times, deliveries where the formula for success was replicated until it exhausted both the community and much of it. Meanwhile, Lara was looking to find each other , moving different pieces of the gear, between elements of stealth, exploration, action, etc., without too much success, without finding her way.

Until 2013 . Already at the end of the last generation, the necessary reboot of the saga brought a fresh breath of air to both us and a young Lara. A different approach, with a more adult narrative and a style similar to that of the Uncharted saga. Tomb Raider became the best-selling installment in the saga. And it deservedly did so, offering a delivery that garnered rave reviews and marked the new path for future deliveries. Times had changed and the tone of the indestructible super heroine typical of the 90s, gave way to a fragile, scared and much more human Lara, with whom empathizing was a simple and almost instantaneous task.

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th anniversary

And today, after a year of exclusivity on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, along with its subsequent launch on PC, PS4 users can now enjoy Rise of the Tomb Raider, the latest adventure of the most famous archaeologist in the history of the video game.

An edition baptized as Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20th anniversary , and which once again has had the hand of the Dutch Nixxes to bring it to the Sony desktop.

How should the PS4 user approach this edition? True, it is a game that already has a year to live, a year that in the fast-paced space of the video game industry translates into an eternity. However, the game starts from a base that amply met expectations and corroborated the bullish path that the saga is taking again.

Even taking into account the passage of time, Rise of the Tomb Raider must keep in mind another variable, the appearance on the scene of Uncharted 4 last May. The scenario that Square Enix finds as a distributor is very different from the one found a year ago on Microsoft consoles. Despite having a park of more than 40 million units that invites to forecast good numbers in sales, the comparison with the latest installment of Naughty Dog is an exercise that many users will have to face in the coming weeks or face to the Christmas campaign.

The question is inescapable. How does the presence of Uncharted 4 affect this Rise of the Tomb Raider?

In any case, knowing that the battle for the throne of the adventurer genre is a hard bone, Square Enix has decided to include in this 20th anniversary edition all the downloadable content and more . Content that users of Microsoft and PC consoles, who have the season pass, will be able to enjoy after this launch.

Let's go into detail and briefly review what the original game gives us.

Rise of the Tomb Raider places us a year after the events of the 2013 reboot . We find a much more adult Lara who, moved by the events of the previous installment, returns to London in order to continue her father's investigations. From now on, the plot will have all the ingredients that an adventure game has accustomed us to. An almost utopian objective, an extremely aggressive secret organization with the same purpose as ours and, an endless number of clues that will take us to tour various inhospitable places on the planet.

Counting all this with a system similar to that of the previous delivery. The twist to the mix between exploration and action remains as a new hallmark of the saga. In this installment, we will visit a good number of locations in an environment that mixes the most linear aspects, such as those present in Uncharted, with elements of the open world . But do not confuse this aspect with the concept of sandbox, since it is about elements geared towards crafting, equipment and character improvements, exploration and discovery of different elements linked to the story. Non-intrusive elements that in a few cases force the player to backtracking and that integrate perfectly with the story.

On a technical level, the only difference from the Xbox One version - we forget the PC one - is that on PS4 the game runs at 1080p and stable 30fps . Technically the game looks great. The light effects, both outdoors and indoors, are sublime and from the first moments we will already be witness to superb settings. However, this aspect would be perfect if, as we have mentioned, Uncharted 4 had not raised the bar, showing the true potential of the current PS4 and uncovering the shortcomings that otherwise would have been overlooked . Almost all of them focused on the technical section and the gameplay, which still and having the highest level in the saga, comparatively speaking, are one step below the work of the latest installment of Naughty Dog. They are tiny elements, that unless you have Uncharted 4 very present they go practically unnoticed and allow you to enjoy the game in total comfort.