Rise of the Tomb Raider - Critique

Author: Lucy O'Brien
Date: 2020-07-30 22:59:07
Rise of the Tomb Raider is the game that has captivated me the most since the series began in 1996. Its story offers disturbing dangers and interesting plots, its graves are intimidating and I was also struck by its huge settings. romantic, as I was able to be when I was a child playing the very first opus of the series. No doubt I would have appreciated a little more puzzles and a little less gunshots, but overall, I savored every second of the game, all full of fun and multiple feelings.

After all, you are a Croft

Like its predecessors, Rise of the Tomb Raider is enjoyed thanks to its universe imbued with a light dose of science fiction (and very fun), featuring the hunt for an artifact that offers eternal life. It's vast, with an air of Indiana Jones galloping to the top of a ridge, in completely crazy, thrilling streaks. Basically, Rise of the Tomb Raider is about Lara and her late father, and actress Alice David's performance as Lara tells us about the complicated relationship between her and the ghosts of the past that her ancestor has. left behind.

Minute after minute, Lara shines. She is confident and intelligent, and reacts to danger with the calm and intuition of a great action hero. Since she is still marked by her previous adventure, she conveys a kind of disillusioned nonchalance that sprinkles her witty remarks with self-mockery. Let's be clear, as a character Lara Croft has never looked so endearing.

Its ambitions are also more complex. This time, it is the obsession that made him move forward, not survival, and for the first time, we find it more nuanced. Unlike the 2013 Tomb Raider, I didn't flinch every time she hurt herself - she's a really good fighter now, dealing more damage than she takes - but I could see the flaws nonetheless. in his mind.

The supporting roles in Rise of the Tomb Raider are less developed, but luckily they are much less visible on screen than Lara's antagonists. Talking about these two, and the mysterious organization that goes with them, in great detail might spoil a few big story twists, but they are morally grotesque adversaries, and the clash of their cravings will effect certain moments. of gloomy darkness.

Tools of the Tomb

Lara has new means of movement: a reel of rope allows her to attach to hooks to move in heights and arrows to move on vertical walls. These new items can be used in quick chains so she can stay aloft even longer. Rise of the Tomb Raider's most breathtaking moments come from the frantic, acrobatic chases where I fumbled for the right button hundreds of yards off the ground.

Rope arrows are used a lot more too, and the puzzles that benefit from them cover a remarkable range. One of them made me destroy a statue, another made me balance my weight gently and delicately on a platform. A few left me dangling on the end of a rope, with no idea what to do next, until that moment of relief when I found another place to tie myself up.

My only criticism of Rise of the Tomb Raider is that there aren't more puzzles. As I followed the main story, I found myself more and more trying to avoid the fight scenes so that I could take my next dose of puzzles, buried in the bowels of a frozen mountain or below. a muddy lake.

Lara's revenge

However, fighting is not a chore. Although the third-person shooter moments are the least inspired moments in the game, Lara can now craft nail bombs, smoke bombs, Molotov cocktails, and special ammo that while in the air , can turn a classic shot into a pile of corpses. These are fun and vicious new abilities, if a little silly, but they add a lot of diversity to encounters with enemies.

On the other hand, this makes the stealth approaches that made Rise of the Tomb Raider so successful very redundant. While you get bonus XP every time you stealthily take down an opponent, and get to hide in trees and bushes, Lara is such a strong fighter that I found no point in avoiding. the confrontations. It was much more enjoyable to do as much damage as possible and gain bonuses from headshots or kills and item combinations created by Lara.

It is possible to improve the weapons thanks to parts to find in the universe, which, in addition, regularly injects novelty in the fights. As in the previous game, I found myself alternating between the shotgun and the bow: the former for its incendiary bullets and the latter for its long-range poison arrows. Lara is as strong as the Terminator at the end of Rise of the Tomb Raider (on standard difficulty) which is something to consider when choosing the difficulty level.

Continue looting

There is plenty to explore, outside of the main story, and the semi-open universe of Rise of the Tomb Raider makes you want to seek it out. Beautiful views have always been the hallmark of the franchise, and huge snow-capped mountains, crumbling tombs, and gloomy forests have been brought to life with a lot of imagination. A dark corner of a tomb could well house a batch of skeletons, forced to pray at the feet of a statue for eternity. Turn left into a forest and you might stumble upon a crypt, or pass the side of a mountain and you might come face to face with a stone head of a forgotten god of an ancient race. It's a whole meticulously crafted set.

It's also not purely an exploration-driven game. Aside from the previously mentioned graves, there are characters that give you missions, which you can return to for new jobs in exchange for currency, outfits, XP, and area-specific challenges that offer rewards for the job. 'exploration. For game completion purists, there are a whole bunch of relics, documents, murals, and caves to explore, which can push the 15-hour campaign average easily to 30 or 40 in all.

Rise of the Tomb Raider delivers extra playtime through Expedition Mode, which replaces the redundant multiplayer mode of 2013, with a fun-enough way to compete against your friends on challenges that you can customize using cards to collect. Modifiers can make you weaker (single life) or stronger (killing while stealth provides temporary invisibility), and a timer determines who is better.

Although I will not recommend paying to have these cards with real money, it is an available option. I was able to earn enough credits throughout the campaign to be able to buy a few packs that made me laugh. The “Big Head” mode, for example, coupled with a map that burns enemies after being attacked in melee is my favorite combo.