Rocket League review - football on booster

Author: Hed
Date: 2015-07-24 17:06:00
The review was based on the PC version.

In 2009, Psyonix released Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars on PlayStation 3, which was received without much enthusiasm. The combination of sport, and specifically football, with toy cars had a certain appeal, but in the end it turned out to be pale and panicked. This year, the developer returned to this idea with Rocket League , a game available for free on PlayStation 4 as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription and on PCs for 20 euros. Remembering an earlier production that didn't attract me long enough, I approached Rocket League without much enthusiasm. It took five minutes - because that's all it takes to play one game, for me to change my mind and become a believer in "rideable ball". Why is this idea so fun? And why is he playing so much now and not in the past?

Rocket League is basically a sports game where two teams try to score each other. Paraphrasing the famous statement of the legendary Polish coach, it can be said that "the ball is round, there are two goals, and cars can jump and use the afterburner". Yes, we don't drive athletes here, but toy vehicles. The springs vary in shapes, colors and accessories, but they all have the same properties and techniques. In addition to driving and making quick turns using the handbrake, we can use the afterburner, whose regeneration points are scattered around the stadium. The key movement when "kicking" the ball is double jumps - the first one raises us up, the second one tosses us even higher and allows us to make a quick rotation of the machine in the air. Thanks to this, the incoming ball can be led in a specific direction, provided, of course, we have the appropriate dexterity and intuition, and the situation is favorable for us. Most often, however, it ends with a complete flop and an own goal ...

How does it look from the rules of sport? Well, there is a free American here and do not count on the fact that after a foul, that is, a dirty collision with another car, you will be able to complain to the judge . The stadiums don't have end zones either, so the ball is still in play. However, the matches are based on a few additional rules. First of all, after each goal, we usually start from the center of the pitch - here each time there is a new fight for the ball, so it's not worth saving on the afterburner. Secondly, the game doesn't end if the ball is in the air, which favors desperate attempts to score an equalizer in the last second. Third, there are no draws in this game, so get ready for extra time. There is a rule of a "golden goal", i.e. the first goal scored will decide the fate of the game. In a word, the spirit of a kicked ball is strong here, even if kicking has been replaced by hitting and sports shoes are replaced by wheels.

The truth is, the translation of the Rocket League rules is a bit pointless - in theory, in the two paragraphs above, they sound overly complicated. In practice, the controls and rules of the game turn out to be trivial, so they are caught instinctively - assuming, of course, that we had dealt with games before. It's one of those positions that you just turn on, tell the players, "speeding up here, slowing down here" and then everyone having fun. Users will quickly get what it is and be able to indulge in what is the essence of Rocket League. And it is a sports game based on a great physics system that sometimes seems inaccurate, but overall fulfills its essential role: it offers a lot of fun to observe the effects of fooling around. Driving over walls, jumping on the ball desperately, jostling with other cars - every game I played was full of emotions comparable to those of the best sports games . Pure entertainment, lots of fun, memorable games - that's how it looks.

All this does not come from the air, but is the result of very well-designed gameplay and support for features that are often overlooked by the developers. The product creates a level playing field for everyone, as vehicle mods acquired with time only play a cosmetic role. Still, it's nice to pick up points and unlock new nonsense. The stadiums have a simple structure and do not give either side a significant advantage. The gameplay is also light and exciting at the same time - it's hard to get angry with it, even if you're not doing too well. This is due to the pace of action and the controlled randomness of plays. The situation changes in a split second, so there is no point in worrying about a momentary failure. You can equalize the score 0: 5 and then win in extra time . I have never heard of anyone accusing someone of something, which is a plague of multiplayer games. Did you shoot a suicide? Too bad, it's only a five-minute match. As Rocket League is mainly focused on multiplayer fun, the authors took care of the quick search for matches and the option of playing four people on one screen. Users with a configuration for several monitors will also be able to fire up the screen for a given participant in the game on a separate screen - I tested it using Nvidia Surround and the effects were nice.