Romancing SaGa 2 - Analysis

Author: Carlos G. Gurpegui
Date: 2020-07-30 16:30:19
Romancing SaGa 2 came to SNES in 1993 and although it is the second installment of the Romancing SaGa franchise it is considered the fifth game called "SaGa". The title arrived last year on mobile devices and since December 15 it is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The first thing one should say about the game is not so much the product itself but Square Enix as a distributor. We do not doubt the eagerness to collect their multiple reviews of their classics in each and every one of the existing platforms that you laugh at Skyrim but, as they usually say, to Caesar what is Caesar's and thanks to these reviews they achieve two things: that they do not certain titles are lost in the sands of time and, perhaps more importantly, their classics, whether better or worse, are available and within reach of those interested in playing them for the first time. In this sense, the arrival of Romancing SaGa 2 to all the latest generation consoles is good news for lovers of the genre who did not play it in their day.

That said, the truth is also that we do not find that the version that has just seen the light on consoles is only the one that already exists on mobile devices . This means that there are no specific changes to the new versions beyond the improvements already added in the last revision.

The first of these improvements, being the first thing we noticed, is the aesthetic and visual facelift performed on the 1993 title . All the scenarios of the title have been redesigned keeping the original structures and elements but with a clear improvement visually. We are not talking about any remake here as we will see in Secret of Mana but in a small evolution, quite showy compared to what we did know.

In the same way that the mobile versions we will find that certain battles will have some additional visual effects . This is the hand of Square Enix, improving what Arte Piazza has done, and the confrontations are still as few in terms of effects, movements and sounds as the original SNES. This, clearly understanding the reason, is something that strikes us because there has been little improvement in the confrontations and it is out of step with the aesthetic reform work carried out on stage. We find relatively worked scenarios where the combatants are practically fixed sprites (especially in the case of enemies) and where the effects are scarce.

Along the same lines, and as it is the same mobile port, we did not find any additions in the field of the combat interface . The menus and data displayed from the original game are maintained and we can only miss a refinement of the crude menus and, especially, the possibility of seeing at all times the current and total health of our characters.

The only new content, at least compared to the 1993 version, is the same that we already enjoyed in the mobile version. Four new dungeons that try to delve into the past of the Seven Disgraced Heroes that will allow us to get new companions and items. A new stage called Emerging Victorious and the Avalonian Gardens that will help us improve our imperial treasure. Finally, the game has a New Game + that, unlike what is usual in these modes, seeks to facilitate a second round of the game to get forgotten objects or find new areas by loading the data of our previous heroes.

Romancing SaGa 2 continues to surprise with its basic premise that merges the jrpg with a structure close to rogue like. We will always put ourselves in the shoes of the inheritance to the throne of the fledgling Varennes Empire. Thanks to hereditary magic every time we die in combat our energy, and therefore our abilities, are transferred to the new inheritance to the throne that must continue our adventure.

This mechanical peculiar resurrection is unified with a narrative conception Square Enix called "freeform scenario" that allows us to essentially enjoy a kind of sandbox with jrpg court. We will be free to move around the world deciding which missions and which problems to solve without having to follow, except during the first few bars, a certain order. This leads us to suffer more intensely some problems typical of RPGs such as the need to spend a lot of time leveling up against certain enemies because although we recover abilities by "resurrecting" we will need to spend some time still re-fine-tuning our group of heroes .

The return of Romancing SaGa 2 is good news for nostalgics who will be able to replay a historical piece of the genre, if they did not already have it on mobile, and a good way to discover it for the first time but little else. There is no added weight to justify a second purchase if we already had it or if we did not plan to return to it. It has, at least in the version of Ps4, with an annoying drawback in terms of control that does not seem to have been fully optimized to the precision of modern controls and it can be cumbersome to move and, especially this, avoid enemies or talk to characters moving.