Saints Row 4 - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2021-01-26 06:40:48
Before I dive into the analysis of Saints Row 4, I'm going to confess. Volition's game gave me a little 'lazy' before I started playing. To tell the truth, each Saints Row has always haunted me a bit after Grand Theft Auto, but this time, with the release of the fifth installment so close, the feeling had even been enhanced. However, after having devoted a good handful of hours to this fourth installment I must say that I was wrong, mea culpa ... Prejudices are not good even in the world of video games.

Having said that, and letting it be seen that the sensations with this sandbox are more than positive -yes, it is a quarter with all of the law-, we are ready to dive right into unraveling the virtues (many) and the defects ( less) of this cute open world action title. At first it seems that this sequel absolutely respects the parameters set by the previous installment of the series, that is, offering a lively world full of activities, with an overflowing sense of humor and abundant action in each of the parcels. -main or secondary- that we find.

To a certain extent, it respects the GTA philosophy (if you have played a title from the Rockstar series you know what I mean) during the first hours: freedom of movement, a wide variety of activities not related to the story, driving and theft of vehicles ... However the crazy storyline of Saints Row 4 already makes us glimpse a profound change in its mechanics. As we advance you in our last impressions, what begins as a crazy adventure in which there is room for parody and moments of a 90s action movie style Armaggedon, degenerates into a kind of Matrix and even Independence Day until it becomes something completely different.

So that we understand each other. The Third Street Saints have managed to become heroes to the point that their leader - us - has become President of the United States. During our tenure an alien race attacks and conquers the earth, placing the consciousness of the planet's inhabitants in an alternate reality while keeping their bodies in suspended animation. Of course all is not lost, as not all humans have been abducted, including some members of our gang. In this way, Saints Row 4 is developed largely between reality and the alternate earth that is more than an alterable program in which we will have superpowers.

In reality, the game mechanics will be similar to that of an ordinary action game, with small shootouts, some space driving section and a bit of exploration of the ship that rescues us in the purest Mass Effect style - great the wink of the romances-. Meanwhile, in the other part of the game we are a kind of superhero with special powers and superhuman abilities. This great little twist completely changes the face of the Volition title and makes what was once a simple sandbox now an action game that competes directly with Crackdown , Prototype or even InFamous .

After a couple of hours of play with Saints Row 4 we will gain our first powers: super speed and super jump. This completely relegates to the classic part of the sandbox . Running is faster than a car and jumping also gives us the perfect shortcut to go in a straight line from one place to another. As we advance in the plot we will gain more and more powers: energy discharges of different types, super strength, etc ... Therefore, what was given in terms of control of the character or its possibilities is over. As if that were not enough, the advancement of the character's abilities in Saints Row 3 is maintained, with the gradual unlocking of different improvements that we can buy or not for our character and band.

Added to this is also the improvement of powers, which is done with an independent system: by collecting data clusters scattered throughout the city (1255 in total). We will find them on rooftops, cornices, in the street, lost in the middle of a field ... Does it sound familiar? Yes, it is the same as we saw in Crackdown , but this time with many more activities to do apart from jumping from here to there and taking down the bad guys. Looking back, the Realtime Worlds game failed to offer a wide variety of activities. We could basically only collect orbs and kill baddies. End of story.

This is solved in Saints Row 4 with a myriad of activities to do scattered throughout the city. They range from simple driving challenges to racing, insurance fraud or tests that try to push our newly unlocked powers to the limit. We can enter these activities whenever we want, regardless of the mission we are doing or when we are in the game. The variety and number of missions is brutal, ranging from challenges already seen in previous installments to missions created specifically for the occasion. In this way, the content created previously by Volition is taken advantage of and we are even 'forced' to use old game mechanics that we would not otherwise use (for example driving. One, two, three answer again).

Above this is the main argument, which incorporates a handful of missions that combine all the available game mechanics at the same time, although sometimes they reiterate certain situations or enemies excessively. The general trend here is an overflowing sense of humor that never stops giving us unforgettable moments accompanied by laughter. For example, the feeling that remains when after a ferocious siege by the aliens, we get into a spaceship to escape from Zinyak's ship is priceless and, on the radio, What is Love by Haddaway plays. Crazy, I know, but this is Saints Row 4 . Why settle for normal when we can be fun?

To the final conclusions and note from Saints Row 4.