Shadowrun Returns - Review

Author: Alessandro "Zampa" Zampini
Date: 2021-02-01 18:30:21
If today we find dozens of interesting projects on Kickstarter it is also thanks to those pioneers who first decided to rely on the crowdfunding site. Without their rich collections converted into valid games there probably wouldn't be so much attention around the indie scene now that it tries to make its way through the trust (and grain) of millions of players. Harebrained Schemes falls rightfully into this category of developers, who first proposed, then collected, and finally produced a particularly successful title such as Shadowrun Returns, already widely appreciated here by Francesco.

Alessandro Zampini, collaborator of IGN Italia, hid as never before behind wooden bins and crates, hoping that his spannometric calculations would always keep him away from fire. Let them tell you how most of the time he miserably messed up on Facebook and Twitter.