Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment - Análisis

Author: David Soriano
Date: 2021-01-26 14:51:30
Yacht Club Games has managed to gain a foothold in the indie scene with Shovel Knight, a title that collects the best of the retro 8-bit scene and brings it back with a renewed air that includes the best of the platforming genre and '80s action, inspired by great titles like Metroid and Ninja Gaiden. Such was the critical (and public) success that instead of taking a step towards new paths, they decided to continue expanding the universe of the Knight of the Shovel.

As a result of this desire for expansion, we received Plague of Shadows , a title that left a good feeling and managed to maintain -if not overcome- the great taste of the original. This time we have in hand a new independent expansion (it is not necessary to have Shovel Knight, although that way you are showing that you love yourself very little and miss a great game) called Specter of Torment , which will allow us to know much more about one of the characters that they appeared in the original as a villain: Specter Knight . Another option to not miss this content is to buy the Treasure Trove compilation.

As happened with Plague of Shadows, we are not facing a simple skin change that keeps the gameplay intact with respect to the original . Shovel Knight, the character, had very peculiar movements, which were a great example of the heaviness of the character, at the cost of his strength, of course. In the case of Specter Knight, his handling is almost the opposite . We are before a graceful knight, with light movements who can climb walls and cover greater jumping distances thanks to the use of his weapon, a scythe, as a tool to boost in midair, both for certain elements and using some enemies.

On a plot level, Specter of Torment acts as a prequel to Shovel Knight . Controlling Specter Torment we have to recruit the different knights that we could see in the original. This leads us to confrontations in which the same bosses will repeat (except for ourselves, obviously), but not for that reason they will be a copy of the same mechanics and situations with which to face each fight. In addition to this process of formation of the Order of Knights that defend the Sorceress , the game will present us with several scenes as a flashback that are especially curious and allow us to know even more about the past of the best boss of the original (things as they are) .

The funny thing about Specter of Torment is that it all sounds familiar, like this is a good thing that makes you feel confident ... and wham! The level design, as exceptional as ever, shows us that Yacht Club Games are masters at this. They created scenarios that could be reused in different ways, and this is what happens in Specter of Torment. Many of these levels are replicas of something we saw in the original (or in Plague of Shadows) and apparently they had no more ways to squeeze themselves. Error.

As a tribute / inspiration to star NES games, Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment will maintain the constant point of challenge during the 5-6 hours that we can allocate to complete its main campaign . As is true to some extent in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game drops you directly onto the stage, leaving you to experiment with different types of movements and actions until you achieve a certain mastery, only to later complicate them again. things and balance learning new skills. All this will help us later to face the New Game + and the Challenges Mode , which will make us face certain special situations as a challenge in which to take advantage of the entire arsenal.

In this installment, the new abilities that we can add to Specter Knight's arsenal are called beer . These are not necessary to complete the levels (there is no metroidvania style in that sense), but they provide new forms of combat and navigation through the scenarios, making the character's ninja style even more satisfactory, which is already sufficient from the beginning of the match. Likewise, there are flaming red skulls hidden throughout the levels that you can collect as a bonus, also allowing you to

One of the main variants with respect to the two previous titles has to do with the inclusion of a lobby in the Torre del Hado that comes to replace the navigation map between levels. On this occasion, the magic portal will make everything much more intuitive, both acquiring the aforementioned beers and passing the level. Everything is simplified to an extreme level, as if wanting to welcome new players (there will be, we have no doubt), but in the end it is not that an original concept that was not the most transcendent of the experience.

Specter of Torment somewhat maintains the dingy aesthetic of the original's dungeons, making these types of scenarios prevail over the colorful exteriors. This is even reflected in the way of collecting virtue (the health bar), since Specter Knight shies away from clichés and does not collect hearts, fruit or any other simile, but instead opts for something darker such as enemy skeletons and rotten fruit. . Why walk around with subtleties ... if in the Shovel Knight universe everything feeds equally. Music is another familiar element. The essence of the melodies is the chiptune style , but this time Jake Kaufman has chosen to do certain remixes so that there is still a certain freshness in the soundtrack.