Shovel Knight - Analysis

Author: David Soriano
Date: 2020-03-02 21:00:16
Shovel Knight was one of the biggest surprises of the indie scene during the past year 2014, where it had deliveries on PC, Nintendo 3DS and WiiU. Such was his acceptance that the arrival on other platforms was desired object of desire of every lover of the retro that was prized. Almost a year later, The Knight of the Shovel will also distribute palazos on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, versions that we have had the opportunity to try after his arrival on the PlayStation Network.

Shovel Knight aims to attempt against the nostalgia of the already gray-haired of the place, not only for its aesthetics, based on the pixel-art and the era of the 8-bits , but for combining a series of mechanics that show that despite old, they can Keep working perfectly. In the same way, he intends to punch the table and show the younger ones that there are more ways to play than the contemporary ones. Yacht Club Games achieves both, because we have rarely seen a game that is made so much to love for both types of audiences.

Shovel Knight references and inspirations are more than obvious . It is a love song to one of the times we love most, that of the NES , that of the first Nintendo. Also, take some of the best "La Famicom" games. Primitive Megaman takes playability in general, boss style and level design. The distribution of levels on the map and the "non-linear linearity" recalls Super Mario Bros. 3. The simple but effective combat of DuckTales and certain touches of Faxanadu, Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden.

As you can intuit by putting together the pieces of the previous paragraph, Shovel Knight is a platform game with certain touches of puzzles for its progress, but some simplicity in its combat. Naming this title we have "shovel" and it will be just that, a shovel, the simple but effective instrument that will serve as a tool for advancement. A quick attack as a palazo and the possibility of driving the shovel after a jump. It will be that simple to fight enemies, whatever their magnitude.

The second trade of Shovel Knight, after the knight's own must be the treasure hunter, because there will be few gems that increase our portfolio with the course of the levels. These treasures are translated into gold, which will serve to increase the attributes of our character. Precisely this will lead us to scrutinize each level in search of the secret areas, conscientiously hidden and that will give way to juicy rewards.

Part of the charm of Shovel Knight comes from the inclusion of a curious risk-reward system . Distributed by each level we will find a series of control points. Typical If we die, we return to the last checkpoint to have been activated. However, we can choose to destroy these glazed spheres with the intention of receiving an extra booty, but instead of falling into combat we would return to the previous control point or at the beginning of the level in case we all broke. In the same way, every time we die, we drop part of the loot we carry on us and we can only recover it in the same place of our death. Dying has its one in Shovel Knight .

In case the mix of genres is scarce, Shovel Knight will also have its RPG touch, since the customization of the different patterns of the hero is a very important fact for progress without further obstacles than the excellent difficulty curve brings. The value of gold and the different treasures is in the improvements that can be acquired with them. From different armors that increase resistance to more life points. If we explore the best camouflaged areas, we will also find relics that will allow us to use different magic, as long as we face their respective mana cost.

We cannot afford not to praise the genius in the design and animations of the different bosses that we will find in our way. Of increasing difficulty (and points of life), each one has their own abilities, animations and therefore, a way to end them even with our few weapons. Remembering the successes of From Software, we must study the attack patterns of these bosses to attack accordingly and accordingly. Among the already existing gentlemen it has sneaked into this port for PlayStation Kratos consoles. The Ghost of Sparta from God of War has adapted to pixel-style to deliver a new combat of the most interesting in the game.

The news of the version for PlayStation systems will not be too many, since this inclusion of Kratos as an Easter egg is the only sample. Yes, there will be more luck with the already classic PlayStation features with its multiplatform digital releases. We will have this way cross-buy , so for the € 14.99 to which it is put on sale we can access the three versions of the game with a single payment (five euros per game is a value for money that is rare see you later). As expected, it also incorporates cross-save , so we can rotate our saved game file between the three versions as it suits us. This game of desktop and later to continue the game in PS Vita in the subway is a luxury that we never tire of highlighting.

Finally, it would be interesting to talk about the duration. We are facing a title that, if not stuck too much, would last for a first pass of about 7-8 hours . However, there are so many motivations for a next pass (getting the coveted for some platinum trophy is little less than a chimera) that is offered with arguments for replayability . It would not be crazy to say that you are going to want to play Shovel Knight about four or five games.