SiN Episodes: Emergence

SiN Episodes: Emergence

  • Publisher
    Ritual Entertainment
  • Developer
    Ritual Entertainment
  • Release date
    3 Apr 2006

You are John Blade, head of the HardCorps, a world class security power entrusted with ensuring the inhabitants of Freeport City. Four years have gone since your first experience with Elexis Sinclaire, a delightful, splendid and heartless researcher who needs to reproduce humankind as per her own crazy thoughts. With the law neglecting to stop Elexis and her multi-billion dollar domain SiNTEK, Blade is resolved to assume control over issues now. He is upheld by JC - a programmer with a dull mystery - and the youthful and to some degree hot-headed Jessica Cannon, who has broken each security framework. Experience the energetic Freeport City, a cutting edge blend of New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. While Freeport keeps on experiencing freak assaults, you should remove Sinclaire from the game before she can actualize her lethal arrangement and change the idea of humankind until the end of time. 'SiN Episodes ™: Emergence' is the start of another time of scene play. Including Valve's grant winning Source ™ innovation, this first-individual shooter offers phenomenal intelligence, irresistible storyline, and a progressive powerful trouble framework that can be completely modified to suit your aptitudes and play propensities hardhearted adversaries who develop in fight. Experience adversaries who adjust to your activities and go about as a group when they spread one another and help fallen companions defeat your rivals by exploiting your environment and setting them dangerous snares. Area explicit harm rewards precision, while you can step on your opponent's feet in close combat.Unprecedented intuitiveness: let it crash through amazingly intelligent conditions dependent on another rendition of the source motor. Figures respond powerfully to all that you take a gander at and the earth. You can target and shoot singular vehicle parts and explode whole autos. Experience another period of vehicle battle, with an adaptable situating framework that permits you to move around inside as openly as at no other time. This permits you to situate yourself preferably for an assault on the adversary post. Individual Challenge System ™: Based on perhaps the best measurement frameworks accessible to date, SiN Episodes ceaselessly adjusts to your gaming conduct and offers a degree of trouble that is completely founded on your degree of play Purchase as episodes: decide the amount of the game you need to buy: every scene offers 3 - 6 hours of activity stuffed amusement. Nonetheless, remember that the decisions you make can influence future episodes in a flighty way. Source Engine: Using a similar motor as Half-Life® 2, Emergence gives you amazing pictures and an extraordinary, material science based gaming experience .

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AGM score 77%
GameSpot 7.3
first person shooter
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About SiN Episodes: Emergence

SiN Episodes: Emergence is released by Ritual Entertainment in 3 Apr 2006. The game is designed by Ritual Entertainment. SiN Episodes: Emergence is a typical representative of the Shooter genre. Playing SiN Episodes: Emergence is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Shooter, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay SiN Episodes: Emergence will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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SiN Episodes: Emergence is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Shooter games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

SiN Episodes: Emergence is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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SiN Episodes: Emergence - game review

Date: 2006-06-09 12:09:00
The review was based on the PC version.

The first part of SiNa was released in one of the worst possible periods. The year 1998 was overshadowed by the premiere (as it turned out later) of the great hit Half-Life . SiN simply did not stand a chance with the title of this caliber, and its premiere naturally passed unnoticed. To make matters worse, the program suffered from shortcomings such as instability, numerous bugs and long loading times. Many players have not even tried to launch this title. However, whoever gave the game a chance received a standard, quite atmospheric, but still average shooter.

As a trademark, SiN does not evoke much emotions among players. The title itself does not make goose bumps on the body of fans of virtual gameplay, such as Quake , Unreal or the already mentioned HL. Worse, his promotional campaign only deepened that impression. Along with the first information about the ongoing work on the next part of "sin", information was made about the engine on which it is created. The game uses the Source Engine advertised by HL2, and the program is also distributed via Steam. The first screenshots from the game and not very innovative announcements raised concerns among players about creating a game that is almost a copy of the great Haflajf two. Unfortunately, these assumptions were partially confirmed with the premiere of the program, which I will try to prove in this text.

As already mentioned, the game can be purchased over the Internet and downloaded through the Steam system. They like these types of distribution ideas. The lack of the disc and the box (boxed versions are also available) is a good step towards reducing the cost of distributing games. This is what the theory says, but as it turns out in practice, the games sold by Steam cost no less than the boxed releases of the programs displayed on store windows. Here, however, a little surprise, SiN Episodes: Emergence is not a full-length production but only one of the parts of which the full game will be composed. Every few months, Ritual Entertainment will honor us with the appearance of another paid part of the program. There will be at least a few episodes (as long as there are customers), each providing from 3 to 6 hours of gameplay, combining into a story-driven whole. Where did the idea of selling the game in installments come from? Not to mention the profits (each part costs almost the same as an average, regular game), the developers of the program can introduce to the next installments of their tapeworm elements that, according to players, were missing in the already released parts. All this to encourage people to buy new versions of SiNa and to create the appearance of development and improvement of the product. Undoubtedly, this should force programmers to work hard on the quality of the created work. After all, if the user does not like the purchased program, there is little chance that he will be tempted to continue the adventure with the game's heroes.

Following this path of thinking, it is not difficult to conclude that the first impression is the most important in this case. Only those who like the Episode I - Emergence described here will be among the potential buyers of the next episodes of the game. After all, it is difficult to imagine that someone would buy only a few selected chapters. Or am I wrong? After all, some may be tempted to buy only parts praised by colleagues and reviewers, avoiding the unsuccessful ones. You will admit that it sounds quite grotesque. In practice, players will probably divide into two groups. Those who give up their adventure in the world of SiNa and those who decide to purchase all the episodes of the game. Selective episode selection is like watching Klan every other episode - a situation unthinkable for Maciusi's fans. So it turns out that the further fate of the SiN project depends mainly on the commercial success of the first episode.

End of lengthy introduction, it's time to help you choose which group you should belong to. First of all, you should know that for now the game is only available for single player, multiplayer duels will be added (for free!) In the near future. Secondly, SiN in terms of graphics technologies used in it practically does not differ from HL2 (it should not be surprising, after all, it is the same engine). Third, the program does not introduce significant innovations to the FPS genre. But let's break down the game into its first ingredients.

In this respect, the game looks not so much innovative as it is decent. The main character here is Colonel John R. Blade, a member of the HardCorps organization, known from the previous part. For the sake of goodness, the members of this elite rapid reaction group are fighting against people associated with SinTEK. As it usually happens, evil wants to reevaluate the current world order and arrange it in its own way. On the dark side of the force there are, among others known from the first SiNa sexy Elexis Sinclaire. In the game itself, red-haired Jessica Cannon and a mysterious hacker (we have almost constant voice contact with him) will help us directly (often shoulder to shoulder).

Subsequent missions will allow us to visit the nooks and crannies of Freeport City, stylized in the image of the world known from HL2. So it will be futuristic, a bit apocalyptic; The atmosphere of the game will surely appeal to players. The first episode of the new SiNa offers a tour, incl. along the streets of the aforementioned metropolis, the nooks and crannies of SinTEK laboratories and a modern skyscraper. The variety of places we visit in the first episode, after all, is very decent. However, as long as the locations are carefully designed, there are some reservations about too few "fascinating" places. I am thinking of breathtaking constructions and mysterious places that there should be a bit more in this type of game. You can say that the locations are not to be liked, but there is no element of surprise in them. The problem mentioned here is based on my subjective feeling, however, while playing Emergence, one may get the impression of insufficiency related to the lack of momentum in creating the location. Nowadays, correctness is not enough.

Both the graphics and physics that make up the virtual world of the new SiNa are the strengths of this production. Unfortunately, we won't see anything here that we wouldn't see in other FPS games. The possibility of rearranging objects in numerous locations or the partially interactive environment (breaking windows, unscrewing water in taps, using paper towels in toilets, etc.) can only be classified as interesting details. Among the more practical elements are exploding barrels and gas cylinders. With their use, you can unleash a real hell on the board.

The gas cylinders themselves behave in accordance with generally accepted laws of physics. Damage to the valve located on it causes the cylinder to be set in motion by the force provided by the mixture coming out of it. If the cylinder is standing on the ground and we damage its lower part, the volatile compounds will cause it to hang in the air for a while. Unfortunately, you can only damage certain elements of the environment, most things are indestructible. To conclude this thread, it is worth mentioning the containers with a green substance that, when sprayed in the air, makes our hero dizzy. It is accompanied by an interesting effect of slowing down the time and blurring the image.

The limitations imposed by interaction with the game world mercilessly translate into the assumptions of subsequent tasks. While in HL2 the linear plot was almost imperceptible, the doors in SiN, closed at every corner, look not very natural. Having to follow the road marked out from above is very troublesome here. In fact, during subsequent missions, you can come across quite interesting (but simple) puzzles, the solution of which is necessary to continue the game. Unfortunately, we spend most of the game time on mindlessly moving forward and eliminating hordes of enemies. If there is an opportunity to use gray cells, we will provide them with work for no more than 30 seconds of moderate intensity. Of course, you can't expect puzzles like adventure games from an ordinary FPS. It is a pity, however, that the developers did not use the potential of the engine used to design more moving elements of the environment and the associated possibilities of adding interactive puzzles.

The potential has not been fully exploited here, but let us remember that this is only the first episode of SiNa . In the game, there are, for example, opponents who can fly thanks to special backpacks mounted on their shoulders (by the way, these gentlemen show interesting acrobatics in the air when we damage this invention). In the following parts, we will probably also be able to try this miracle of technology. As for the lack of more freedom when exploring the game world, the situation is slightly saved by the secrets placed on the maps. These are better or worse hidden places, full of first aid kits, ammunition or seemingly inaccessible points where the statue of a mysterious piranha is hidden. By calling up a special menu, you can check at any time how many secret places we have already discovered and how many we have missed. Mysterious nooks and crannies have been placed in very diverse places. We come across some of them by accident, finding others (even those under water) requires careful penetration of the board.

Episode one offers 3 types of weapons, each with a basic and alternate mode of operation, and grenades. The last ones are a typical toy for this type of games to toss to hated opponents. Inconspicuously small balls cause great damage and cause fires of large size. If the explosion takes place in close proximity to enemy units, we will be able to enjoy the view of enemies burning and dying in realistic agony. You can say - good because it is bloody and brutal;).

As for the guns, they are: unusual magnum - the hallmark of the game (in the basic mode not significantly different from the gun's usefulness and in the alternative with a shot of a powerful energy beam), shotgun (good in narrow corridors, with the possibility of firing projectiles that bounce off the walls) and a machine gun (a rapid-fire weapon, in an alternate mode that serves as a useful sniper rifle). Little? It is enough for these few hours of play. It is very pleasant to shoot, there is so much ammunition not to run out and not to be overloaded. In addition, there is the possibility, as it turns out to be very effective in practice, of hitting the enemy with a weapon, e.g. when we run out of missiles.

During our several-hour adventure, we will come across practically three types of enemies: ordinary soldiers, human-robots (a more powerful version of the former) and monsters (those found in several sizes). While mindless (but also tough) beasts simply throw themselves at us without thinking, the human part of enemy units shows in most cases generally understood intelligence. The opponents usually appear in groups of three, they can throw an item at us, they also successfully hide behind obstacles, withdraw and use grenades in their pockets. The fight itself makes a very pleasant impression, unfortunately the scheme of silent elimination of enemies works too often. It consists in firing the enemy from a place that he cannot clearly locate. A wounded enemy usually accepts the missiles sent at him idly. However, bosses, which are huge monsters or flying machines encountered every few locations, look interesting. Their destruction with the use of the available (and limited after all) arsenal is quite a demanding task, but it is important that it is feasible and provides considerable emotions.

Specially designed algorithms that track our actions in the game are one of the few elements that can be included in the group of innovative ideas. At any moment of the game, we can enter a special menu, in which we are waiting for a view like from RPG games. We will see in it: statistics on the use of specific weapons, the number of killed enemies, the effectiveness in eliminating opponents with headshots, the number of secrets found, the frequency of using first aid kits, etc., most of the data is supplemented with graphs. Based on our results, the game adjusts its difficulty level. At the very beginning of the game, you can choose its level of complexity, and the statistics system is to be used, among others, by in the possible correction of the over-selection. Contrary to appearances, it is quite difficult to clearly define how this system works in practice. The game is not too demanding, and we do not repeat more difficult moments more than three times. So you can assume that the system is working, maybe even working properly.

The way the new SiNa is designed and manufactured forces me to constantly compare it with the HL2. Unfortunately, the production of Ritual programmers is quite poor compared to the "original". What's more, the just released first episode of a similar tapeworm sold in installments, however, signed with the title HL (Half-Life 2: Episode One), looks great in relation to HL2, and thus incomparably well in confrontation with SiN.

Maybe if the game was available for less money, I could recommend it. However, considering the financial realities of computer geeks on the Vistula River, in the price / quality balance, the assessment of the SiNa described here cannot be too high. In foreign websites, there is a strange trend of assessing Emergency in the vicinity of 80%. Certainly, the reason is not only in the wallets of our foreign colleagues. It is possible that the industry feels a certain fondness for the underestimated SiN brand and gives it a great credit of trust. Well, I do not give such a loan.

Daniel "KULL" Sodkiewicz




Screenshots will help you evaluate the graphics and gameplay of SiN Episodes: Emergence.

SiN Episodes: Emergence - scene 1
SiN Episodes: Emergence - scene 2
SiN Episodes: Emergence - scene 3
SiN Episodes: Emergence - scene 4


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