Skylanders SWAP Force - Analysis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2021-02-01 18:17:14
Before starting with the analysis of Skylanders: SWAP Force, we must choose between two paths: get to the background of a series that has managed to unite real toys with video games, or directly begin to tell you the news of this installment, assuming your knowledge. from this Activision series, developed in this installment by Vicarious Visions.

However, we are not going to choose, if not that we are left with half and half, the best of both universes, a bit like it happens with Skylanders: SWAP Force , which for the first time in the series does not force us to take predefined characters, since its great novelty are the 16 new characters with the interchangeable top. That is, each of these new figures can change half of their body with the rest of the new toys, creating a total of 256 combinations of different powers, which are added to all the existing creatures from previous deliveries, also functional on this occasion .

That is the great milestone of a title that, on the other hand, does not seek to renew a formula of proven success. Rather the opposite, since Skylanders: SWAP Force tries to refine the foundations that have characterized it in the first two installments, with a Diablo-style hack'n slash , but which aims to capture the attention of the younger audience. This has playable repercussions beyond a light-hearted visuals full of color and humor, as the button mashing and continuous character improvement are sought more than conscientious combos or the use of complex inventory - as is done in other titles of this genre-. Of course, on this occasion the grace of the matter comes from the fusion of real toys with video games thanks to the use of the portal's unique technology - which must be specific to this version of Skylanders to work.

Some of us could say that it is a playable base tending to repetition , which is true. However Activision has managed to print enough variety to the title so that there are not five equal minutes in the whole adventure. At this point we could refer to the number of available scenarios, the changing situations that are presented to us or the very wide cast of existing enemies -literally of all types and fur-, but we prefer to focus on the huge amount of secrets in each level to exemplify this extreme. Skylanders: SWAP Force presents a commendable offer of extras, secondary missions and secret levels to each more crazy and fun. Thus, the 6 to 8 hours that the campaign can last are multiplied if what we want is to explore everything that is offered here.

But this has a double side, and that is that Skylanders: SWAP Force comes by default with two interchangeable creatures and a normal one. This means that there are another 14 in the store waiting for our acquisition. This would not be a problem each of these creatures did not have a characteristic element that forces us to exchange figures. Thus, to be able to see everything that Vicarious Visions has designed, you will have to scratch your pocket three times - with the game, the 'normal' creatures and these new interchangeable -, which will make that only the wealthiest players can afford to dig in this title. Curiously, each of these characteristic elements of the interchangeable characters brings into play a completely original new mechanics in the form of mini-games. Good, but you have to go through the box to see everything.

And since we are talking about this secondary part of the title produced by Activision, it should be noted that there are a couple of discordant elements regarding the expansion of possibilities here. One is the complete disappearance of the card game s that did exist in Giants. The other is the new mechanics to open locks, boring and less inspired than what we already knew. Why change what is not broken? Precisely by not changing what they should not, Skylanders: SWAP Force is such a fun title, it allows players of all ages to face a not too difficult adventure in which you 'only' have to hit the controller to kill enemies and exchange characters from time to time in the portal to change the ability that we are using at that moment.

If so far we have not mentioned the argument that moves the protagonists of Skylanders: SWAP Force to fight against darkness and evil, it is because it is little more than an excuse to justify all the action. This is largely due to the audience it is aimed at, who does not demand filigree plot lines or surprising twists. Thus, we will face Kaos again, although this time he is accompanied by a new enemy. Simple, but compliant. Where no storyline is needed are in the multiplayer options, first in co-op during the campaign, allowing a second player to join in at any time. Then with the competitive local for two player, dog-faced, in closed scenarios - the latter being less interesting due to the limited nature of the proposal despite the efforts of Vicarious Visions to offer something new. For the next one, a hint: four players at the same time?

Of course all this effort would be of no use if the control system were not up to the task. Of course it is and it offers us an accessible and not too demanding challenge. In the same way, this somewhat conformist desire is not so much with the technical section at all levels. To start graphically Skylanders: SWAP Force surprises with its careful design and the attention to detail it offers. Of course, we are not talking about Gears of War precisely, and here what we want is to offer something showy and very colorful. Let it enter through the eyes. The same trail is followed in the sound section, led by a well-done dubbing into our language and crowned by a carefree but brilliant soundtrack.