Review of South Park: The Fractured But Whole - a smelly no-holds-barred ride

Author: Filip „fsm” Grabski
Date: 2017-10-18 14:43:00
The review was based on the PC version. Also applies to PS4, XONE versions

Often, business and behind-the-scenes competitions can negatively affect the quality of the game. You could be worried when THQ went bankrupt, and Ubisoft took over the production rights under the license of the famous animation. Fortunately, in 2014 all this mess did not hurt the Stick of Truth . The last twelve months have been a bit of a repetition of the entertainment in a way - I was worried every time another release date postponement was announced, and the nice promotional material didn't quite dispel the doubts. Finally, however, I breathed a sigh of relief - the finished version of South Park: The Fractured But Whole not only does not have to be afraid of comparisons with Kijek , but even clashes with many of this year's hits. Because it's a very good game again!

There is no stench

The Fractured But Whole is a continuation of the Stick of Truth in every sense of the word. The action of the title takes place right after the events of the "one", the mechanics is an extension of what we already know, and the whole thing looks and sounds very similar. Similarly enough that if the logo of the Snowdrop engine (known from The Division ) was not displayed at the start, I would have sworn that everything still works on the obsidian Onyx Engin. I will write here for the sake of order that the new South Park was designed so that a person without knowing the previous part could easily find himself in this world . However, considering the very high general quality of the Stick of Truth and the fact that its binding has not aged even a bit, it is really worth getting to know the "one" first. I predict that the sequel will be similar - it will be just as intense fun now and in 3 years.

The second virtual trip to the most famous town in the state of Colorado is another RPG game in which an avatar created from scratch traverses the open world, gains experience and new powers, and various side tasks do not obscure the main plot, in which again something more than just at stake is giving one of the fighting factions right. Put on your imagination helmets and join me on a magical journey ...

Winds of war

Several hundred years ago, everything in this ancient land was ruled by magic, the most wonderful incarnation of which was the mythical Stick of Truth. Two powerful rulers - the Wizarding King and the Jewish Elven Leader - were eager to control this artifact with all their strength. Only the unprecedented power of King Asshole was able to reconcile the conflicting sides and tame the destructive power of Kijek. It seemed that everything was going well, and finally there would be peace in the land ... Unfortunately, these hopes were in vain!

Here in a colorful flash of light a figure from the future appears. He calls himself the Raccoon and claims that in the 21st century, the forces of extraordinary people known as superheroes will clash in the same place. Are the heroes from the world of magic brave enough to travel through time and meet the unknown? So: could Kyle, Jimmy, Craig, Clyde and Scott meet Cartman immediately in his basement? Because important matters need to be discussed?

The Fractured But Whole story begins after the split among buddies. Raccoon and Friends wanted their superhero production series to be the best, but not everyone wanted to agree to Cartman's plan, and it split. The Raccoon and Friends (not at all-Marvel) is a group that is joined at the start by a new kid, a player-led character. Freedom Friends, on the other hand, are a competitive team (not at all-DC-iX-Men), fighting evil on their own terms - it is in its ranks Stan, Kenny, Timmy, Token and Butters. But don't be fooled by the beautiful words uttered on the roofs of buildings after dark.

The goal of both teams is to earn a billion dollars from their own series of films, and the first step to doing so is to find an old and ugly cat with a $ 100 bounty. Will you be surprised to learn that the missing animal is just the beginning of a very absurd story in which cultists spraying cat urine, a big black stripper called Spontaneous Dupency, genetic mutants and the worst monsters of them all, the sixth graders, will stand next to each other?

Fans of the series will feel at home again. Ubisoft worked closely with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the fathers of South Park , and the finished game script was almost twice as long as the Stick of Truth could boast of . It includes jokes from every possible category (seriously: you get Netflix, Kanye West, priests, various computer games, exaggerated political correctness in schools, etc.), and there are countless references to pop culture, contemporary events or older animation episodes. And - which is very important - the whole thing turns out to be really fun, although this time the focus is slightly too much on the butt and farting. This fragrant topic will appear here several more times.

Throw a farther at your friend

Basically, the fun looks the same as it was 3 years ago. After creating the character, we can walk around the town, accost people, look for equipment and resources, and fight. The whole world is theoretically available from the beginning, although some parts of it are either related only to the quests in the main story, or blocked until you acquire the appropriate skill. All such environmental actions here depend on the power of buddies - for example, "hacking" electronic devices requires closer acquaintance with Butters, who will lend us his hamster servant, put it in our ass, and then the main character's fart power will shoot the rodent at the cables to keep them interrupted and consequently the "hacking" will be successful (I must add that EVERY of the four such actions are related to ... hmm ... gases). So a replay of entertainment, but modified. Friend support is just one change.

The second is the fight, and it involves the most interesting novelties. It still takes place in turns and is still a team, while attacking in the game world (or, for example, disgusting with a fart) gives the player an advantage during the fight itself. This time, the battle map consists of square fields on which characters move - each type of attack has its own area of effect, therefore such a game is a tactical game. There are battles during which obstacles appear on the board - you need to destroy them first for the attack to move on, or you have to watch out for them, because these obstacles are exploding barrels (of course!), Dealing area damage.

The duels with a special goal turn out to be a very good diversification - for example, let's take a match with the Towelie, which after giving up stimulants became extremely nervous. Since the fight takes place in a medical marijuana store, you need a character with "on fire" status to walk over the scattered piles of grass to fill the room with smoke and the opponent to relax. Bomb!

Well-known aromas

I wrote so much about combat and equipment because this is where the most changes were made. The rest of the game is largely the same as in The Stick of Truth . The story gains more and more momentum and moves to stranger levels. The main plot is long and varied, and the side quests are really side quests - collecting 20 pictures or defeating a certain number of opponents of a given type does not belong to the erpeg league. Fortunately, most of this is included by the way, and the epic (yes, this word is necessary here) story of the struggle for power takes no prisoners - it pulls in, chews, swallows and expels, and we want more. Oh, that's right - more.

The creators promised that The Fractured But Whole will be even twice as long as the previous part. The Liar! I played Kijek Prawdy slowly and meticulously, and the whole thing took me less than 16 hours. Now I was playing pretty fast - a few side quests and achievements were left to discover (though not much). I had 17 hours on the meter. I wasn't bored, it was great, but I would like to get a little more again.

In a similar way as before, the new game deals with the issue of decision making - several times we have the opportunity to define our own identity (pansexual Czech Buddhist ?!), which then appears only in dialogues, and the only apparent Big Choice ™ - as it turned out later - has no affect anything . It's a pity, because the title of the game mentions a division ...