StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm - Análisis

Author: Juanma Castillo
Date: 2020-07-30 21:58:27
Many of us had been waiting for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, the continuation of Blizzard's successful RTS, Wings of Liberty, for many reasons: the continuation of the single-player campaign after its resolution and the doubts that arose, the development of the multiplayer after spending 5 months with various balance patches and the controversy raised in forums about it. Likewise, the most fans wanted to see if it is possible to regain prominence in the world of eSports, terrain dominated by League of Legends, which breaks tournament and spectator figures.

Follow the same mission mechanics, out of a total of 27 total but real missions, within the storyline of the campaign, 20. The remaining 7 can be called mini-missions of evolution of some units to choose one of two options, and Thus reinforcing our swarm in the face of the strategy or approach that we propose.

The StarCraft 2: HotS quest system is the same, but clearer and more outlined, with its four levels of difficulty clearly showing directly which ones have been completed and the timestamp in which they have been completed. Once again, we have the mission achievements, which are 3, but in many of these missions there are specific achievements, but it is necessary to play at a difficult or brutal level and with certain objectives.

The missions remain the same in terms of the variety of objectives, but it is not that they have thought beyond "reaching a point", "reaching X deaths", "Kerrigan must survive". There are always side missions, which come to be parallel, but it does not delve into it, letting out a magnificent gameplay opportunity to expand its narrative load.

Perhaps one of the first differences that have emerged these days with StarCraft 2: HotS , has been a multitude of opinions on how easy the difficulty levels are despite having a good review in Wings of Liberty , and how many people feel that the Brutal level is not living up to its name. Still, everything will work out over time if people really try for achievement or a desire to excel over what was achieved in the first title dedicated to Terran. Remarkably, the control of Kerrigan is almost total and absolute in the vast majority of missions, and that it has its own section in the "Leviathan Room" called "Kerrigan", where you see how it levels up and you can choose between a set of abilities that directly benefit her as a character, or indirectly, providing benefits to the Swarm.

Once again, we go from planet to planet completing missions and unlocking new units that we will add to our Swarm, but with the added complexity that we can choose only one strain from the two available. The game allows us to test them before in a mini mission as we have discussed above. With this, each Zerg creature offers three unique variants, on which there is a choice, with which we are once again faced with a tactical decision and that offers a large number of playable possibilities according to the chosen abilities, mutations or strains.

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