Super Hexagon - Analysis

Author: Gina Tost
Date: 2021-01-26 15:54:14
Terry Cavanagh's experience is very minimalist difficult and engaging matches. His latest project, Super Hexagon for iOS, is the most minimalist of all.

What is it?

The game presents you as a small icon, a geometric shape attached to a hexagon in the center of the screen. You move the hexagon by touching the screen: Press the left to rotate it counter-clockwise, and press the right to rotate it clockwise .

You rotate the hexagon to avoid the attack of the lines that reach you in all directions. The lines approach with a pattern and require your quick intervention to avoid them.

Don't expect much from the tutorial. Super Hexagon begins with meat, so there are only three game modes: Hard, More Difficult, Much More Difficult . Each mode progresses through stages based on geometric shapes that change every 15 seconds.

We liked?

This game is a throwback if you think it is going to reward you for all your progress. You start out surviving 5 seconds , then 10, then 30 ... Up to 60 seconds. So you feel more fulfilled than if you had completed a 100 hour RPG . It is very addictive. Especially when you get the hang of it.

The simplicity is so beautiful that it's hard to fault it . Vibrant colors, hypnotic shapes, and musical beats (designed by Chipzel) combine in this game that is both art and gaming experience.

If there's one thing to complain about about this game (besides the difficulty), it's probably notifications from other apps that jump during your game and ruin your game. You will be angry for one second , to start again the next second.

Should you buy it?

It is the typical game that you are going to show your friends with the phrase "You must see this". It is very addictive, and although we have seen it between € 0.79 and € 2.39, it is an application that you must have. The only reason we can find for you not to download it is how addictive it is.

Super Hexagon is a skill job combined with monstrous difficulty. The game is hypnotic and at the same time, addictive. You are going to get lost in this sea of geometric shapes.