Super Mario 3D World - Analysis

Author: José Manuel Bringas
Date: 2020-03-02 21:03:21
Super Mario 3D World is possibly the game I've seen the most evolution from its presentation to its launch. It has been like the long-distance runner who remains in a discreet position throughout the race and who, when he reaches the last leg, throws the rest and ends up winning the gold. Far away is that demonstration of the E3 that left almost everyone quite cold, with a series of somewhat bland levels, which focused a lot on the multiplayer and did not have that magic touch that is presupposed in a Mario game.

Being completely frank: Super Mario 3D World is one of the most spectacular and fun games I've played in recent years. Start shyly, introducing elements little by little, with levels full of exploration and that introduce you to the new mechanics. It is not a Super Mario Galaxy. Of course it is not a New Super Mario Bros. In fact, it is not a Super Mario 3D Land, although it is certainly the Mario family game that most resembles it. It is a mixture of all these titles, but taken to a stratospheric level. It's New Super Mario Galaxy 3D World 2. Or something like that.

From New Super Mario Bros. take the multiplayer. Four players simultaneously, each with a different character that behaves differently. Mario is the most balanced, Luigi jumps more and has a small inertia, Toad is faster and Peach can float a little in the jumps. Those of you who have some memory will have already noticed that it is the same characters, and with the same characteristics, that we could see in Super Mario Bros. 2. Super Mario 3D Land shares the visual presentation of the levels, with some development in lateral scroll, but in three-dimensional environments full of secrets, invisible blocks, enemies, pipes and all kinds of different environments. Super Mario Galaxy takes the freshness , surprising at each step, the size of the levels, the difficulty of getting certain stars and the majesty of its development.

Finally, Super Mario World (although it should be attributed the credit to Super Mario Bros. 3) takes the form of moving around the different worlds choosing levels and the richness of environments that, from the jungle, the ghost houses, castles, beaches, caves ... even amusement parks!

But the great thing about Super Mario 3D World is that it is a synergistic video game. Borrow from here, there and howl, but the result is more than the sum of its parts. It's like going to the circus and seeing "the most difficult yet" absolutely all the time. As I said before, the shyness of the first levels soon gives rise to levels at which the player already has to be alert to the jumps and not to fall, to deal with new enemies, and with some old ones, and all while being forced to explore each corner in search of the elements common to all levels: the green stars, the seal of Miiverse and crown the final level flag, staining it with gold.

Super Mario 3D World is growing with each level and, when you think you have already mastered a mechanic, you are presented with a new one. This can come in the form of a new item, a new platform presentation, even a new perspective that gives the levels a completely new and original presentation. This new Mario is an inexhaustible source of creativity and ideas. Possibly, the most incredible of all is that it not only surprises with new elements, but is able to take old ones and give them a twist.

Almost all levels have more than one route, which we will have to cover if we want to get all the treasures. It is not necessary to leave a single corner without exploring, since it is not possible to know where there will be an invisible interrogation block, or a wall that can be broken, a projection that can only be reached in the form of a cat, or a raccoon, or even a distant green star who mocks us until we capture her with a boomerang.

However, the next minute, just after crossing one of those surprise boxes that move us to another part, we are traveling a floating river on the back of Plessie, a nice swimming dinosaur, or it may be us who have to soak up and Swim dodging suicide bloopers. Finally, we can reach an area where we see the flag in the background, but we may have to face a series of platforms that change to the rhythm of the music. There is not a single uniform level in Super Mario 3D World , they all impose two or three gears, making it impossible to fall into monotony.

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