Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander

  • Publisher
  • Developer
    Hellbent Games
  • Release date
    16 Feb 2007

Three opponent powers have been at war over their convictions for over a thousand years. There is no space for bargain: your way is the main right one. The overwhelming clash, otherwise called "The Infinite War", has left its blemish on a once quiet world and has just served to fuel contempt between the three groups. Following quite a while of battle, the battle for amazingness has at last arrived at a defining moment. Will your group be triumphant under your key initiative and dominate? Or on the other hand will you lead them to thrashing and last destruction?

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AGM score 60%
IGN 4.5
GameSpot 8.7
Metacritic 47
real-time strategy
nuclear bomb
game critics awards
in-game map editor
anti-aircraft gun
aircraft carrier
self propelled gun
destructible environment
multi-monitor support
voice acting
fog of war
rivaling factions
naval battles
defend x for y amount of time
rocket artillery
heads up display
infinite resource spot
tech trees
thermonuclear weapon
control grouping
e3 2006
difficulty level
pre-release public testing
games on demand
shoe horned controls
pc to console port
cheat code
jump gates
spiritual successor
base building
shift queuing
creator's name on the box
power plant
playable via wine
build queues
static defense
tripartite conflict
spider drone
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About Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is released by THQ in 16 Feb 2007. The game is designed by Hellbent Games. Supreme Commander is a typical representative of the Simulator genre. Playing Supreme Commander is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Simulator, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Supreme Commander will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Supreme Commander is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Simulator games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Supreme Commander is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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Supreme Commander put to the test - real-time strategy with hundreds of units

Author: Heiko Klinge
Date: 2007-02-16 13:29:00
Supreme Commander's campaigns of up to 500 units require careful planning, a lot of patience, and some painful defeat before mastering them. The reward for the hard work: one of the most exciting strategic challenges in recent years.

Twenty minutes - a lot of time for a strategist. That's easily enough to break through even the thickest fortress walls in Age of Empires 3, to research all upgrades in Warcraft 3 or to complete a complete mission in Dawn of War. And it is barely enough to move a tank from the home base to the enemy fortress in Supreme Commander - no wonder given a simulated battlefield size of up to 6,400 square kilometers.

The standards of the genre competition seem downright meager compared to the real-time strategy game from Gas Powered Games (Dungeon Siege 2). Here dozens of factories spit out hundreds of tanks, ships and fighter planes, which clash simultaneously on several fronts in massive mass battles.

Cyborgs versus fanatics

Those who field large armies need an appropriate target. Accordingly, the three factions of Supreme Commander in 3844 are fighting for nothing less than rule over the universe, each with their own understandable motives: The United Earth Federation (UEF), a kind of NATO of the future, simply wants to unite all planets under one banner . A downright bad idea in the eyes of the Cybrans, an originally human-made cyborg race that seeks independence. The consequences are war and destruction, which in turn calls for the Aeon human separatist group. In their religiously transfigured eyes, only love and peace can save the universe - and because UEF and Cybrans obviously see it differently, they just have to be "cleaned up".

A question of perspective

Each party tells its view of what happened in its own campaign. This parallel course of action seems a nice idea at first glance, but it has two disadvantages: On the one hand, the story remains very superficial with just six linear missions per race.

On the other hand, there is no time to carefully introduce the complex strategic relationships of Supreme Commander - you have to manage huge armies and bases already in the second deployment. A continuous campaign with faction changes like in Warcraft 3 would have smoothed the steep learning curve considerably and given the story more room to unfold.

My friend the robot

The central figure in the war effort is the so-called ACU (Armored Command Unit). This towering robot is practically your alter ego on the battlefield.

In theory, the ACU has the most powerful weapon systems in the game, which you can even expand in several stages. In practice, however, you will primarily use the tin comrade in the home base, well protected. Because as soon as the ACU is destroyed, you lose the game. In addition, the colleague has not only mastered the force of arms, but also building construction and raw material extraction - two extremely valuable talents. Because although there are only two resources with mass and energy, managing an efficiently operating base requires a lot of logistical sensitivity. Only one base with dozens of power plants and mass extractors enables the necessary assembly line production of war equipment in the factories and the advancement to the next of the three technology levels in order to unlock new units. With the Shift key pressed, you can therefore link individual construction orders to form entire chains of commands that your engineers and the ACU process in the specified order.

Nevertheless, every mouse click needs to be carefully considered, since even the construction work costs resources. Beginners therefore end up frustratingly quickly in the debt trap. However, once you have understood the system, juggling raw materials, defensive measures and unit production is a lot of fun - even if buildings and resource extraction work almost identically for all factions.

Clear up me!

Despite all the complexity of the basic construction: The winner is not whoever produces the most units. Even 200 tanks end up in a heap of rubble within seconds when attacking just five turrets.

The tactical magic words of Supreme Commander are reconnaissance and unit combination. As in our example: You can use a radar station close to the front to detect enemy movements and building positions. However, apart from the troop category, you do not yet know what is hidden behind the triangles (airplanes), semicircles (ships), diamonds (vehicles) and squares (buildings). A job for the Spook, the Cybrans spy plane: It flies over the suspiciously upstream positions and thus discovers the turrets. An easy target, because it is immobile, for the long-range proton cannons of the galaxy battleship off the coast. Alternatively, you can also build a stationary artillery gun, detonate an extremely expensive nuclear missile or drop the tanks behind enemy lines by air transport, or, or, or ...

Routine with surprises

Supreme Commander's strategies seem unlimited. So many campaign missions are all the more unimaginative. Recovering a few artifacts here, escorting a convoy over there, defending a base there, repeatedly destroying the opposing ACU - seen everything before. Nevertheless, the missions also have their exciting moments, always when the area of operations suddenly increases after a goal has been fulfilled, as in the Joint Task Force.

Where once the lake ended in nirvana, you suddenly see the opposite bank - a stone's throw for an enemy bomber squadron. And you can bet that the clever AI will attack exactly where you need it least. It is astonishing how confidently the computer opponents heave the unit masses over the huge maps and on the highest of the three levels of difficulty surprise even professionals again and again.

Exploding triangles

Even if the war is raging on several fronts at the same time, you always have an overview.

Trick 1: Numerous help displays for energy consumption, radar or weapon range reveal the sources of error in your strategy at lightning speed. Trick 2: The technically impressive zoom function allows you to steplessly drive from the schematic battlefield long shot to the muzzle tube of any tank. And although you will spend a lot of time with circles, triangles and squares, you will always be drawn to the center of the battle. Because what the unit masses naturally lack in the level of detail, you more than make up for with spectacular destructiveness: Hundreds of laser beams flash across the screen, skyscraper-sized special units like the Fatboy Tank (UEF) flatten entire forests, and completed ACUs burst in a huge atomic explosion. Great idea: If you have two monitors at home, you can view the strategy map and battle events at the same time thanks to the multiscreen support.

Post multiplayer

First the panic: How should I keep track of the unit masses? Where was my Tech 3 factory again? What just destroyed one of my five ports? Then the reassurance: Hey, what the heck - the enemy feels the same way.

As promised, we plunged into online battles with the German retail version of Supreme Commander. Thanks to a convenient matchmaking function, even beginners will quickly find an opponent of roughly the same strength. With just a few clicks of the mouse, professionals set up their own clans, open private chat rooms or view a top game in the world rankings as spectators. You can use the repetition function to analyze your own matches and the tactics of your respective opponent. The best news: All of our test matches were stable and practically free of lags. If you don't have a powerful dual-core computer at home, you still have to expect stuttering. Because the retail version runs a bit more smoothly than our test sample, but Supreme Commander remains a real hardware eater.

The complete test of Supreme Commander can be found in the archive as a pdf.

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