Tales from the Borderlands - Análisis

Author: David Soriano
Date: 2020-07-30 22:40:32
With the recent arrival of the physical edition that encompasses the five episodes of Telltale in the universe created by Gearbox, it is a great time to put on the Boots of Camera Finders again and face this full season analysis of Tales from the Borderlands, a game who has managed to capture the essence of the original material, give it a twist and return the best Telltale Games game in a long time.

This new conversational adventure by Telltale introduces new ingredients for a license such as Borderlands created from scratch by Gearbox in the last generation and that has managed to create its own identity signs that have made us all wait for its third numbered installment. Charisma and color is already a lot as raw material, which Borderlands has, but seeing the work done, we have to praise what Telltale has done with it .

And it is that not only has it been based on the created universe and has tried to shape it, but they have even dared to introduce new characters . A good example of this will be the two protagonists that the player will be able to control. On the one hand Rhys , a Hyperion employee who, after the final events of Borderlands 2, (the most advanced plot point of the saga and from which this installment departs) checks how his new boss Vásquez demotes him to vice-janitor. In search of revenge, he will end up stealing a key from the camera to escape and enrich himself with his inseparable Vaughn . On the opposite side we have Fiona and her sister Sasha , an attempted scammer.

As is predictable, the destinies of both couples will end up crossing in search of a common good, which as always in Borderlands, goes through the search for a Camera. Telltale, some teachers in storytelling use a good narrative resource for the occasion, and that is that the story is told from the present, where both have been captured by a mysterious masked man. During this captivity, both will tell their version of the same issues, which gives rise to the most fun moments since each one "sweeps for his house".

Despite being a couple of newly introduced characters and without any previous appearance in any installment of the saga, they are quite well built. The crazy and violent world of Pandora favors that they do not have to waste too much time explaining why they have come to have such a personality: they are simple victims of the world around them and precisely for that reason they place greater emphasis. To accompany the novices and to a certain extent give the veteran fan a greater sense of familiarity with the product, there will be plenty of well-known characters from the three installments: Athena, Springs, Zer0, Scooter, Jack El Guapo , etc.

With a rather low-key start (albeit a great act finale), Tales from the Borderlands is an experience that gains a lot as the episodes follow, culminating in a cool fourth and fifth act. Many may have been less motivated and abandoned the experience after the first episode, but we can only recommend that you squeeze the adventure until the end of the fifth act. As it usually happens to be a Telltale game, almost every conversation has an apparent moral weight in the course of the plot and our actions and words have ramifications in different ways. This is just another sample of what we call "Telltale's lie" here, but at least in Tales from the Borderlands it is possible to choose who accompanies you in the final sequence ... and everything that is power of decision in a Telltale game is always fine.

There was much suspicion a few years ago when this game was announced, as it was difficult to imagine how a license like Borderlands, known precisely for its unbridled style of play, could be adapted at a much slower pace than the Telltale style. Although we are not going to go crazy pressing buttons either, the scenes that give pure control to the player (it is known, everything that is not cinematic or conversations) have less of Quick Time Event and more of real gameplay than the Telltale stocking .

The script is once again the strong point of this whole conversational adventure (nice genre name, right?). There are - as it could not be otherwise based on games as well written as Borderlands - lines of dialogue that are absolute jewels, well supported by visual language . They are hilarious, outlandish and above all, they are harmful. Tales from the Borderlands takes full advantage of its PEGI 18 status to avoid self-censorship and bring to light a wide repertoire of jokes and easy-to-assimilate jokes that easily bring out a smile (and several laughs throughout the plot ).

Once the problem of the linguistic barrier has been solved, since both the physical and the digital edition through a patch already include the texts in Spanish (enjoy the excellent voices for the original dubbing), our only "buts" with the game have to do with two essential aspects. First off, console performance doesn't quite go as smoothly as it should and it won't be strange to see a few frame drops , which sometimes take place at the most inopportune moment. The second may seem like a silly complaint, or at least time will tell, but the outcome does not feel too satisfactory because it masterfully closes the plot. It is clearly focused on presenting a possible second season that has not yet been confirmed at this point , which somewhat devalues the sense of satisfaction with an independent product.

Anyway, for those who simply thought of the game as a spin-off released to get a slice, they will be pleasantly surprised , since, although the events of the plot do not seem important enough to have the necessary relevance for Borderlands 3 starts from there, they do enrich the existing universe and complement it perfectly . After all, the Borderlands rules are simple and favor the inclusion of new characters that follow the marked lines (it was already seen in The Pre-Sequel, which was not even developed by Gearbox). The visual style also helps this feeling of familiarity. Being Borderlands a game with cel-shading aesthetics, which is precisely the one that Telltale best moves in, at times we will be able to abstract ourselves and think with each cinematic that it is Gearbox itself that is behind its development .