The Binding of Isaac: AfterBirth+ - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-03-04 13:15:01
It has rained a lot since we met Isaac. Specifically, The Binding of Isaac was originally launched in 2011 for PC, and since then the creation of Edmund McMillen has seen a thousand and one revisions, ports and expansions, until now reaching Nintendo Switch with the Afterbirth + flap to offer its face more complete, after a good handful of delays. It is so complete that its numbers overflow, while the rest of the proposal remains true to the original patterns of the title, despite the passing of the years.

It is a 'simple' game in essence ', as its origins indicate. He was born in a one-week Game Jam, as a small criticism of religion by his creator, protected by the mattress of success that Super Meat Boy, his previous creation, granted him. His playable influences are also clear, mixing The Legend of Zelda with roguelike elements. The result is a zenith perspective action game in which we have to overcome a series of floors full of all kinds of creatures from the underworld, until we reach our abusive mother, the great final boss. Along the way we will find lots of objects that will modify the characteristics of Isaac (his shot, speed, health ...), in addition to multiple modifiers and secrets on levels that are different each time we play, with more than 11,000 different variables.

That is, on paper we only have to worry about firing in one of the four cardinal directions, dodging enemy attacks, while we do not stop moving forward and kill what comes our way. However, the game is not going to make things easy for us, first of all because death is permanent , but also because the enemies will not have any mercy with us. The controls are limited, but precise, and our character's movement is also at the right point to make us feel in command, being guilty or responsible for Isaac's failures and successes in his adventure.

The key to The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + is the great variety of situations that it proposes , making there not two equal games, although its mechanics are rather limited. In total this version offers more than 600 different objects, 13 characters with unique characteristics, 180 different types of enemies, 90 final bosses, 20 different endings ... To which are added several game modes (concrete and daily challenges - with markers online -) ... In other words, it will be a long time before we see everything that this title can offer us (either by unlocking or by the widest possibility). And to this we must add that there are several levels of difficulty, which turn the game into a test for our skills and reflexes ... Because, if you have not noticed, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth + en a difficult game, of those that will make you die and despair once and a thousand times before being successful or lucky enough to get rid of the final boss, Isaac's own mother.

That the games last a few minutes make this title, in addition, become the perfect ally of Nintendo Switch for journeys on public transport or similar. That is, from the moment we download or insert the cartridge into our console it will be very difficult to leave Isaac in the maze that hides under his house. In addition, the game works at 60 images per second at all times, both playing on the screen, as in portable mode, and the local cooperative options for up to 4 players also respond to the wonders even if we play with the tiny Joy-Con. Of course, you will have to assess whether it is worth playing, since the life of the compis 'steals' the main character.

In short, we are facing one of the great games for Nintendo Switch . Easy to learn, hard to master, varied and very addictive. If action games of this type are your thing, you should not miss the opportunity to get hold of it, as it even takes care of the statistics of our games. If there were to be a negative point, this would be the lack of translation into Spanish, although the incidence of this is minimal in the gameplay of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +.